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Well my first day as a stand alone RN I got pulled onto a floor with a big patient load. Just when I was organized, they pulled me to the other side with all new patients. Then four hours into my shift I was pulled back to my floor with new patients. I kept myself in good spirits by telling myself I was in good spirits. You know that little voice, "I think I can I think I can". My first day as a full RN became one of the most wonderful days in a long time. I did it, and I did it under stressful conditions. Yeah for me. Nobody was going to ruin it for me and I didn't let it. Yeah for me again!


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Congrats on your first day alone! Sounds like you did good!

leslie :-D

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yay for you!!!

such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, yes?

show 'em what you're made of...

leslie :balloons:


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Good for you! Attitude is everything.

Some people would have wanted to cry.

But what kind of crap is that, just more nurse abuse.

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Looks like we have a wonderful, adaptable and positive RN here. Yeah for you and keep up the good work!!! :)


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Can we clone you?!:rolleyes: Good job!! Keep it up!

Great job! I wish we could bottle your enthusiasm and positive attitude. You will go far and be an asset to any facility that you work at! Keep up the great work! :balloons:

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That's great! Wish there were more like you around! :)

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Whoooooooooooooot !!! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

Kudos to you ! :)

You could have sunk to the bottom and been miserable, but you CHOSE to stay above it all... and you won !!!

You ARE what you THINK. :D

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Congrats!:balloons: It is awesome that your first day went well. I bet when you got in your car at the end of the day you did a great sigh of relief! :p

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Glad you kept your spirits up. We never would have floated a new RN like that. We give them a couple of months on the floor before they are floated.

Keep up the good work!

Darlene K.

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:D Great job!

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