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First day of A&P I

by guest517 guest517 (Member)

I'm excited to start A&P I tomorrow. I hope it is not nearly as difficult as I heard it was. I've already reviewed the syllabus and it looks like we'll be covering a lot! The class also includes a lab for an hour. Can you guys give some positive experiences you've had in your A&P classes. What helped you pass the course (with a good grade):)

I didn't find the class hard at all. Take good notes, make use of any tutoring/study sessions, stay on top of what you're learning.

Hey today was my first day of A&P 1 as well! Honestly it doesn't look hard at all, my professor is very nice & and has her lectures online. This is a great advantage because I can listen to them while driving to school, or on the way back, or just anytime. If your professor does this, I would highly used those recorded lectures! With repetition it will stay in your brain. If not, ask your professor if you can record her lectures, if you think it can help you. Office hours seems like they help because you can talk to your professor 1 on 1 about what you need help on! Good luck to you! We got this!

Rionoir, ADN, RN

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It's not hard it's just a lot of information. Most people who put in enough time do fine.

Devon Rex, ADN, BSN

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Everyone is different in retaining information. A&P sure has a lot of it, but understanding it sure helps to remembering it. If you are a visual person (like me), buy some "onion skin" paper, trace/draw the organs and bones at leisure, then label their parts. It is tedious, but worth it!

Cheers !

Well I had my first day yesterday and it DOES seem challenging, I was in shock when she showed us how are quizzes would look for lab. But, I'm determined, I paid for the class, and the professor seems like she wants us to pass, so I'm going in with an optimistic mindset