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  1. Joseizking

    Riverside City College: Fall 2018

    Yea I'm not sure either. And yes your right, so I guess it doesn't hurt to apply. awe man, I hope you get invited, and good luck on it! Have you been studying for it yet? I have bought the ATI Teas review Book and getting the Mometrix Teas Review book for when I study for it. Not sure if this will be enough, but I'll definitely be going over my a&p notes as well.
  2. Joseizking

    Riverside City College: Fall 2018

    i see. So if I applied sooner, and let's say I was lucky enough to get in without the pre reqs done, will I have to do them while in nursing? Wouldn't this be harder to do since nursing classes are really intense? That's the only thing I'm worried about, but not sure how it really works. i plan on finishing my last 2 pre reqs on 2018 then do the teas exam. Yea the teas exam is a really big deal for the points. Have you you taken the teas yet?
  3. Joseizking

    Riverside City College: Fall 2018

    Of course! (: & I see, I did not know that! My chance of getting in without the pre reqs or Teas exam would probably 0.000001% since those are the two most important and gives the most points. Still working on pre reqs, & have not done the teas exam yet. That's currently what I'm working on, almost finished science and general . I'll be finished by 2018 fall semester, that will be my last semester and I'm done with everything. I was told by Jackie that I need to apply for 2020 fall. & that's good! I have heard stories about taking those 2 classes together, but knowing me, I rather just focus on science class at a time because I don't want to risk it. I see, thank you for the information! I never found that information there. I'll check again once winter semester starts. I will let you know because I really want to find this information out for the future.
  4. Joseizking

    Riverside City College: Fall 2018

    Good luck to everyone who is applying for fall 2018. i don't know when to apply yet. I still need to take A&P2B & micro. I haven't taken the Teas exam, but if I do good in these classes when do I get invited to take it? I was thinking of working as a CNA before nursing school, anybody know how to become a CNA? Thanks!
  5. Joseizking

    I got in!

  6. Joseizking

    Riverside City College: Spring 2018

    Thanks for reminding me about the workshop! I might go to see if there's anything new.
  7. Joseizking

    Fall semester classes '17

    A&P 1, online theatre class, statistics, and an intermediate fitness class. Good luck!
  8. Joseizking

    Fall 2017 Chat

    Already feel overwhelmed on school and it's barely the 1st week of fall semester for me lol. I'm currently taking A&P 1, statistics, online arts class, & an intermediate fitness class. Love everything except for the statistics professor. Really, really boring. She goes way too fast thru lecture. It sucks, I can get through it. (: That's nice that you completed all your classes! And also nice that you have a lil break because nursing school is going to be stressful from what I've heard lol. Hopefully you get in the program you want !
  9. Joseizking

    Very Concerned about applying at El Centro

    Tons of lawsuits against the school? Terrible pass rates? shutting down?!?! Yea, don't apply to that school, Imo. Apply at other nearby schools.
  10. Joseizking

    very important

    Well a great thing about getting your msn online is that you don't have to waste time getting to school and gas. Some people have to drive really far just to commute to school. Also online, such as WGU, you can work at your own pace. If you have the time and want to finish faster you can, some people have finished in 6 months just to go from rn-bsn! And there really isn't any difference if you get your degree online, or traditionally, it's basically the same thing. I just feel like online is better, but this is just my opinion. Plus you even said something that's cheap in the US (: . Not sure what you mean by D-E?
  11. Joseizking

    First day of A&P I

    Hey today was my first day of A&P 1 as well! Honestly it doesn't look hard at all, my professor is very nice & and has her lectures online. This is a great advantage because I can listen to them while driving to school, or on the way back, or just anytime. If your professor does this, I would highly used those recorded lectures! With repetition it will stay in your brain. If not, ask your professor if you can record her lectures, if you think it can help you. Office hours seems like they help because you can talk to your professor 1 on 1 about what you need help on! Good luck to you! We got this!
  12. Joseizking

    very important

    I've heard great things about WGU online nursing program. They offer RN-MSN & BSN-MSN. Cheap price. $3,200 is the set price per semester, and you can take as many classes as you want! It's my future school I want to get my bsn or msn. Look them up.
  13. Joseizking

    Chances of getting into nursing school?

    Have you Taken the teas/Hesi exam? Those are needed before entering almost every nursing program. Make sure to study for that if you haven't. This exams is what give the majority of the points for nursing programs. It would also make up for the science GPA you have. It's not a bad GPA, but not a competitive GPA. So make sure to do good on the teas/Hesi exam to make up for it! Apply to many nursing programs and look at their requirements and their point system every school is different. Also search up your school or schools you are looking to attend in the search bar, you might find threads from before that can possibly help you with information from previous students. Hope this helps or gives you an idea, and good luck!
  14. Joseizking

    I passed!!!!

    Wow congratulations !!!
  15. Joseizking

    I Passed an Accelerated A&P Course!

    Wow that's insane! I've heard everyone say never to take it in summer or winter because of how hard it is. 5-6 weeks is intense! Good job! How many hours did you study a week? What was the hardest thing for you? Any tips ?
  16. Joseizking


    @vhoang17 I see. Thank you for confirming that with me! Even my nursing counselor told me RN-BsN is a much better way for me when I want to get my bachelors in nursing because they have a much higher chance of getting into the program. So thank you for confirming this! & wow that's even better! It's okay thank you for your information vhoang I'll probably call in the future since I won't be applying to a cal state for nursing for a few years lol. Just want to be informed.