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Finished semester with a C in physio


I finished this semester with a C in both physio and english classes. I am so disappointed. I know I need better studying skills and have got a few great tips I plan on using next semester because I know I need them. But I feel like such a failure and like I shouldnt do nursing. I know in my heart nursing is my calling and I cannot explain the passion I have for nursing! I know I cant quit but I feel so discouraged. Has anyone barely met the gpa requirement for the program and still got in? What do I do?


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Pre-req grades are often weighted heavily in the admissions process, and while the C in English might not hurt you too bad, the C in Physiology might.

There is no harm in trying to apply with the C on your transcript, but I would plan on retaking it if you don't get accepted this round: having As in A&P, micro, chem will really help your application.

The biggest learning experience from that semester should be identifying why you struggled and taking action to correct the problems so you can ace your next classes.

Good luck.


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I retook a & p 1 and got a B. At my school the first grade will still be on your transcript but your GPA only includes the new higher grade. I say retake it or bust your butt in all your other pre req courses to get A's.

Thanks guys. I have identified why I am not studying right. I think it was how and where I was studying. I am trying something totally different this time around. Im also planning on taking the LVN courses so I can apply to both programs and see which I get into first