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Im 24 years old, mother of two. I am just starting my pre-reqs to become and RN and hopefully later in life, become a NP.

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  1. GivingLove

    RN Schools by Los Angeles CA

    Hi my family is wanting to move closer by the Anaheim CA area. Is there any schools close by Anaheim that have a good RN program? If so, which school is it and what are the chances of getting into the program?
  2. GivingLove

    Glendale Community College ADN 2013

    Hi I am a student at Merced College finishing up my pre reqs into the RN program here. We are thinking of moving closer to Glendale so I was wanting to know what the gpa requirement is to apply at the GCC and what other classes are required to apply to the RN program? Also, is Glendale a nice place to live? I have 2 children also. Thanks for any help. Good luck to everyone applying and just keep praying. Your time will come. :)
  3. GivingLove

    caught up in a dilemma

    Hi Dave_S I am in kind of the same situation as you. I have got all C's in my RN pre reqs and I have 1 more class to take. There is no way I am going to meet the gpa requirement to be able to apply. My school only allows 1 repeat so I have to take that repeat at another school since I did get a C in the science course. My school requires at least a 2.5 to apply and Ill only have a 2.4. I have found my reason for not getting A's which is great because some people go their whole lives just thinking their stupid and weren't meant to be a nurse. I know nursing is my calling and it is in my heart so I refuse to give up. Im just not sure if I should pursue LVN first and then a RN bridge program; that's a 3 year wait also to get into the LVN program also so Im so confused as to what to do right now. Good luck in what you decide to do.
  4. GivingLove

    Merced College

    Id like to ask what your GPA's were when you applied to the schools because mine is just barely at the minimum and Im scared of not getting in.
  5. GivingLove

    Ca nursing student moving to WA

    What does apply for endorsement mean?
  6. GivingLove

    Ca LVN to RN bridge programs

    The Holy names university, do you need your ASN already to attend? Is it hard to get into?
  7. GivingLove

    National University- class/program requirements

    Does anyone have any new information of the NU RN program?
  8. GivingLove

    RN gpa requirement

    I am wanting to know if there is anyone else in the minimum gpa requirement (around the 2.5) that has gotten into a RN program? I am just about done with my RN pre reqs and I am at the lower end because I didnt realize how important your grades were until it was too late. I feel really discouraged about applying to the program but I know I dont want to do anything different in life than being a nurse so I will not give up. I am having to repeat a class so I can apply to the program.
  9. GivingLove

    C's in Bio 111 and 112

    It depends on the program youre applying to. My school only looks at the 5 nursing pre reqs and could care less about the other class grades. So Id look into the program requirments.
  10. GivingLove

    Ca nursing student moving to WA

    Congrats Just4Kixs. Did you decide on what to do by now? I know the posting is a little old. Im just kind of wondering if the Ca license is valid in other states like you had mentioned your teacher said. And congrats on the job!
  11. GivingLove

    Ca LVN to RN bridge programs

    I live in CA and am wanting to see what are some good LVN to RN Bridge programs here and How long is the program?
  12. GivingLove

    Teas V and school policy

    So my school only allows one chance at taking the teas version v test and if you do not pass you cannot retake it until the new version comes out. How long does it take to change to a newer version and is this common amongst schools?
  13. GivingLove

    Anxiety of nursing

    Thank you guys for the encouragement! It is great to hear everyone works together.
  14. GivingLove

    Anxiety of nursing

    I am just about done with my pre-reqs for the RN program and I think trauma would be one spot Id like to work in, but I feel like Id be afraid and not know what to do in an emergency situation. Is this normal or how did you trauma nurses feel when you first started that department?
  15. GivingLove

    Parents of young children do you prefer 12 hour shifts or 8s?

    Diva Rn. that was great to hear. I have always wanted to be a RN but I have a 5 year old and 3 year old. Im almost done with my pre reqs for the RN program so I would be able to apply March 2013 but Ive been thinking alot about maybe doing teaching instead because of the better hours. I know I want to work with kids and my heart has always been in nursing. I just dont want to miss out on all the things my kids do! Im so afraid to work 12 hour shifts and Ive heard alot of times, the nurses actually end up working 12+ hours! Your schedule seems very great to have! I get discouraged about the 12 hour shifts but I know deep down in my heart I dont want to do anything else! So thanks for the reply to the other ladys question.
  16. GivingLove

    Nursing hours

    Hi rnfaster, I don't take any offense. Its totally ok. I understand. I don't like dealing with the elderly poop and all that that's why I don't think I'd do long term care. I'm not sure what I would be interested in doing besides kids. I'd like to work at a valley children's somewhere. For all the people who are nurses already, any in California and if so, are they very flexible with hours and family?