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Im 24 years old, mother of two. I am just starting my pre-reqs to become and RN and hopefully later in life, become a NP.

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  1. Merced College

    Pochitos what was your gpa when you applied if I may ask?
  2. TEAS V at LACounty Allied College of Nursing

    Hi I got a c in anat and physio and a b in micro. Is this not good enough to apply to the la rn program?
  3. Hi I am planning on starting the VN program at Gurnick Academy in Modesto CA and wanted anyones insight about textbooks, exams, quizzes, the teachers, the HESI, nclex???? I am on state assistance and was wondering if financial aid will cover the tuit...
  4. Anyone attending Gurnick Academy LVN program??

    I know this is an old thread but is there anyway for your tuition to be covered by financial aid and you only pay for $1600 for the prereqs? Also, I have done all my RN pre reqs at a community college; does anyone know if those transfer over?
  5. I am calculating my gpa but I am barely meeting my schools gpa requirement for the RN program. Also my school only calculates based on A,B,C,D, or F. No + or - which would have given me more points in my calculation. So Im just wanting to see if anyo...
  6. RN Schools by Los Angeles CA

    Hi my family is wanting to move closer by the Anaheim CA area. Is there any schools close by Anaheim that have a good RN program? If so, which school is it and what are the chances of getting into the program?
  7. Glendale Community College ADN 2013

    Hi I am a student at Merced College finishing up my pre reqs into the RN program here. We are thinking of moving closer to Glendale so I was wanting to know what the gpa requirement is to apply at the GCC and what other classes are required to apply ...
  8. caught up in a dilemma

    Hi Dave_S I am in kind of the same situation as you. I have got all C's in my RN pre reqs and I have 1 more class to take. There is no way I am going to meet the gpa requirement to be able to apply. My school only allows 1 repeat so I have to take th...
  9. Merced College

    Id like to ask what your GPA's were when you applied to the schools because mine is just barely at the minimum and Im scared of not getting in.
  10. Nursing schools and job market in Texas

    Im not sure. I haven't been there. Id have to look around at cities and schools and job market.
  11. Nursing schools and job market in Texas

    Thanks Meeh619, what is UTA? I am just about done with schooling now. Am registered to take my last class this fall.
  12. The beginning of a nursing student

    You explained everything so right! I am on that verge of giving up, but nope, I cant do it! I know nursing is all I want in my life so I am one that has to repeat a class maybe two but I keep striving forward. Your expressions are so right. I strive ...
  13. Repeat Anatomy

    Kvedaa, it is ridiculous! They tell me to go somewhere else to repeat it and then I try so I can get into the RN program, and no one will let me. Aleong29, my anatomy and physio classes are separate also, I just need to repeat them and the only thing...
  14. Repeat Anatomy

    Which state are you in btw?
  15. Repeat Anatomy

    Ive called every school in my area and none of them allow a repeat of a C grade. I think this is so dumb because I tried really hard and got a C but someone that didn't try at all and got an F is allowed to repeat up to 3 times.