how do i find a rural nursing job?

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I'm graduating nursing school in May, taking the NCLEX in June/July. I'm looking for a nursing job, and I'm looking to move from NJ. I'm looking at the following states: MD, VA, NC, DE, NJ, NY, PA, SC, KY, and TN.

I am considering both suburban and rural areas.

Does anyone know any rural hospitals hiring new graduates?

If you're reading this and only know of suburban hospitals, those will help too. It's difficult to find hospitals outside of the state I'm familiar with. Google isnt helping lol.

I have 4 years experience as an EMT in a very busy NJ area.



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Still looking? Try Hill City Kansas. I am serious.



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Allegedly this place is hiring: Winchester Medical Center - Valley Health

I don't know anything about it. search for it on allnurses, as I believe there are some comments about it.

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I think you'll have the right idea in mind. Rural hospitals are hiring NG's I just got a job after only looking for a little over a month and in CA in a remote area but still in CA a almost impossible state for NG's. Here is what I did. Google "New Jersey hospital list" or "hospital list for NY" or whatever the state you want and one of your fist heading will be Wikipedia Select that, and a list of all hospitals by that state and county will appear. Once you see the hospital name highlight that name and copy and paste on Google search (if you use Chrome you can right click on your mouse and it will can select that option on the menu) That will give you the actual hospital web page but must importantly Google will also show on the right a map detail, click on that detail and it will bring you the full page. Now you zoom in our out and see where in the state this hospital is and if it's rural by simply looking at how large this town is, the smaller the better your chances. A good sign is when you don't even see a place for download applications, then you call them up and that gives you an opportunity to talk to someone, they are usually very nice. I got people calling me right away and interviews right away. North Dakota will hire you on the spot if you are willing to go there. Look up

West River Health Services

1000 Hwy 12

Hettinger, ND 58639

Phone: (701)567-6015


Debbra Thompson

Human Resource Director

McKenzie County Healthcare Systems

516 N Main St

Watford City, ND 58854

(701)444-2331, ext. 411

fax: (701)444-2339

This one will hire you for sure however there is a problem with housing in this oil booming town. But you might be able to find a room mate situation.

Good Luck to you



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I am very interested in working in rural area as well. I am a new grad in CA and it's been two years since I graduated. So I am a bit desperate as I am at the end of my shelf life. ND would be so tough due to housing tho, i would have to spend so much money on rent/ housing...

marco, do u mind me asking where in california u got the job? I tried doing your method in Oregon and Colorado but it looks like they are not really hiring new grads. I guess I should stick to Texas? I am gonna try applying to that hospital in nevada too. I think I wanna call before i apply online. It feels so pointless applying online application after another. If I can at least talk to a recruiter I can assess my chance before applying. Some of these apps take a while...



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If you are going ADN UHC in Bridgeport WV is new grad friendly and doesn't demand a BSN