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Financial Aid Distress

Well here I am venting again LOL.

Here's the story, I just returned to school today, and found out by a classmate there was a big problem with financial aid for at least 3/4 of the class for the last semester. Supposedly letters were sent over the summer to all of us, to let us know what was missing, what needed to be paid and how, and who to contact with questions. NONE of this ever happened. So out of fear and curiousity (more fear than anything else), I went down to the financial aid office to inquire about my status. Well I got down there and the financial aid officer flipped out on me:madface: and some other students about the school not having the money. I do my FAFSA online every semester and have never had any problems on their end, but the school has given me problems every semester (that is why I filed for the last semester way before it was due), and it is getting to be annoying and frustrating. He yelled at me and told me that my file was incomplete and that he sent a letter, which he didn't because others never got anything either, and basically told me to f*ck off because he doesn't know what happened. A memo was sent to the director,and they only gave us until tomorrow afternoon to come up with $1300:( . I Don't have that kind of money, and that is why I applied for financial aid. I am heart broken and angry because we only have 89 days before graduation, and I don't know if I am getting kicked out with the others or not. My blood pressure was so high after speaking with him that I couldn't even answer basic questions. I sat in the back lost in a fog, trying to figure out what to do. We had a basic A/P test for GI, which I think I failed because my head was hurting so bad that I could feel my eyes thumping with each beat of my heart. The program is stressful enough, and not having professional staffing to handle basic issues, is really starting to get to me. I don't want to go elsewhere and have to start over becauseI am tired, and just about ready to say forget it all! Not only does my son's future depend on me finishing, but I have been trying to complete this for years, and now I want to graduate. It is a state run school and I don't know if it would be fair to say "you get what you pay for", but that is what it is looking like. I have never seen such poor people skills in one group of people in my life! I am shocked and out raged that this is even being allowed to continue on for as long as it has. If anyone else has gone through this and have some outlets for whom to contact please help. Even if you haven't had the misfortune of dealing with this, but have suggestions/ideas please let me know.


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That's horrible! But luckily - you should have numbers on your side. You should be able to speak to someone else... go prepared, rather than angry, with copies of your FAFSA with your EFC (you can print that out online), your original financial award (if you got one), etc. If nothing else, you should be able to work out a payment plan until you get the whole mess figured out. Good luck!

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Thank goodness I can afford to pay for my education with cash.

Oh, I am so sorry that happened to you. What a nightmare!! I hope everything gets resolved. Let us know, please!


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I don't think it matters where, but fin aid people seem to be the worst at compassion and explanation....think giving away money that isn't theirs makes them even madder! I know the feeling, I was placed on suspension due to having too many credit hours, as I transferred programs 3.5 years into school. Appealed, took forever to grant appeal, then send me 0 Pell grant letter to apply for loans, now they needed all my loan info again as they don't save info for students on suspension....RRRRRR. Go into there, ask to speak to someone else, talk to director if need be, set up payment plan, obtain emergency loan from loan2learn or myrichuncle.com, pray a little.

Good luck, chica! Keep us posted!

If it were me, I would start working my way up the chain. Start with the the first boss that you can, then go to the dean of the school. If you still don't get satisfaction, then go to a local TV station.

But that is just me. People don't do their job because they never get called on it, and they need their cages rattled.


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Everyone is eligible for Stafford loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) they are not need based nor credit based. As a junior I get $10,500 per year which is way more than I need for tuition and books per semester. The total amount depends on your class level (freshmen, sophmore, junior/senior) but it's more than the $1300 you need. Why wouldn't they suggest that to you I wonder :confused:

Hey guys,

I have some good news, I hope. I called up to Hartford and explained the situation to the Woman who sends out the grants, and she said the only thing that was missing from my packet was the EIC. I gave her the amount and she said I was all set. Now, Being that this is not the first time, they claimed something was missing from student packets, and we have had to on a number of occassions furnish the same paperwork repeatedly, I am staying on my Ps and Qs for the next few weeks. Unfortunately since I have posted this thread, we have lost some of my classmates, due to this. I know there is a 10 day grace period, but the FinAid officer at the school told them they had to have the money that day or get the steppin'. If it weren't for fear of being sued for defamation of character, and slander, I would tell people not to come to this particular school. I have now learned that, I should really do my homework when shopping for higher learning institutes, before going on a whim. I don't want anyone else to have to go through what I went through, and I feel so sad for those that we have lost because I know they feel like they weren't treated fairly. I just hope that the school will improve their professional behavior. I have decided, that if, no, when I make it through, I want to find a way to represent students in places like this one, so they have a fair chance and are not left out in the cold. My first day back at clinical was good, but I had to get myself out the summer brain fog, and after I think it went well. We're all counting down the days to completion, me personally, I am just trying to make it through this month, and gain as much experience as I can from EVERY one's patient. My patient didn't have anything significant for dx, but her admit dx and some of her PMHx didn't go with her meds, so I went on a hunt to find out the why. It turned out to be an interesting hunt. Thanx guys for replying.

I'm so glad to hear you got some things straigtened out w/ your school. It really sucks that the people working at your school aren't more helpful and nicer to the students that are paying their salary. Is there a president or vice president, or even some advisor that could point you in the right direction in filing a formal complaint against the guy who was so rude? The only way things will change is if you let your voice be heard. Also, just so you know, the only way you can be sued for libel (since it would be written, not spoken like slander is) is if you say something untrue, and they can prove that you knew it was untrue. So don't worry about that. As long as you are telling the truth, the school couldn't sue you. Again, thanks for the update, and all the best luck to you in school.

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