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:nurse: Graduated May 2009 and found out I passed NCLEX today! I am so happy that the exam is over with. Good luck to the rest of you getting jobs and your NCLEX out of the way. :bowingpur

During the last semester of my senior year, I interned at an oncology center and was subsequently hired just before graduation. I am on a Stem Cell Transplant/Cellular Therapy (Bone Marrow Transplant) unit and cannot be more excited.

Any advice for a new oncology nurse would be more than welcome.


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I couldn't be more happy for you! That's awesome. All of your hard work has finally paid off and you deserve it! I would love to have the job that you have straight out of nursing school, you should feel so honored..most don't get that opportunity! Live well and be blessed as you bless others. Congratulations again.


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Congratulations!:up: Hope you enjoy your new career!

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Congrats on passing NCLEX, and on getting your job!


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I worked on a BMT unit as a tech during nursing school and absolutely LOVED it. The patients are amazing and there for months so you get really attached, but just know it can be really sad..even more sad then you expect. Advice..b/c the patients are there so long and usually the family joins them most the time, try to include them in their daily care (i know we do that for all pts but it esp cancer pts b/c their routine is so thorough) and they like to have calenders to cross out the days leading up to the BMT and the days following it to really, they love doing that, it's cute. oh, and i found they get really thrilled (if and when they lose their hair) if you find cute little bandanas or hats and bring them to them!! have fun!

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That is awesome!! Congrats, and best of luck!! :)

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