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I was accepted to nursing school way back in March. It had been a long road getting there. We had our first class today and I finally feel like I can really call myself a nursing student.

It's hard to express the excitement to people other than my husband. To them, I've been in school for 2 years and still have basically 2 to go. They don't comprehend the difference between taking all those science classes and finally being in Fundamentals!

1 class down, 20 months to go!

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I completely understand!! Congratulations!

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I know a lot of people don't get it, which is why i love this site :) Congratulations!!!!!!!!

ps I love the diversity: shortnorth and southernstudent lol :D

20 months...are you in an ADN program? I'm in one and I love it so far. :)

Congratulations on being a nursing student!

Yes, ADN program. We're the last class on a quarter schedule and the nursing courses are 7 quarters.

Thanks for your thoughts all. It is nice to be able to "talk" with people who understand the progression of a nursing program. How even those of us with prior education have a whole series of pre and co-reqs to take care of and that you cannot shorten up the program by taking more classes at once - that they're all designed to be taken in sequence, etc.


I got my acceptance letter last week. I am so excited to finally be starting the nursing portion. I have the same problem with people not understanding what it is like. They think, wow you have been in school for 2 years already, yet you still have 2 years to do. I am just so thankful that I got selected my first time. I start clinicals in Jan 2011, and just so excited!!!!!

Congrats again :clown:

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