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Finally at the end of the NS road.


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Today is my pinning ceremony and tomorrow I graduate for NS. I'm happy. While in NS I encountered good things and bad. I learned alot, and I have completed my a life's dream of not only becoming a nurse but finishing something that I started. I would like to thank allnurses.com for allowing me to vent when I was extremely frustrated and shout when I was happy. I wish all students in NS the best of luck and dont give up if it seems to hard. IT DOES GET BETTER. I love this website and hopefully within the next two months I will post I passed the NCLEX-RN. Thanks again for allowing me to have this opportunity. Good luck and Godspeed to ALL.


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Congratz!!! I am so happy for you and good luck with the NCLEX-RN.

Congratulations! I had my final yesterday and our pinning ceremony is Tuesday. It's a very exciting time, isn't it?

Congratulations, good luck, and thank you! :)

Congrats! I had my pinning and graduation for my BSN all in the same day as of YESTERDAY I am a Grad Nurse! Now, it's on to trying to find a job and studying for boards.


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Wow, it's over and Im glad, Now for the passing of the NCLEX.


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Amen! Today I just uttered a phrase I actually haven't had to use much in NS..."C's get degrees!" I finally got the grade for community health nursing that I was waiting on and hey, no worries about a C. I'll be graduating with a 3.25! Pinning on Wednesday evening, graduation on Thursday morning, and NCLEX-RN hopefully late June/early July.

Congrats to us!

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