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Finally Back!...with Issues.


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Hi, all! Been off the boards for a while, due to not having a computer in the house since being robbed 2-3 months ago. Been lurking for a while, but with the gf computer, haven't had the time to post consistantly. I Have a problem...

Working nights, and with the economy, our census has been down. So what has my manager done? With all of this, and new grads coming, we will have a total of 19 nurses on night shift! Used to be you'd only get low census every 2-3 months, now it's every pay period! Thank goodness I have a second job 4-5 shifts a month at a nursing home...otherwise the bills would be short. With a 4 shift paycheck, I am only short on bills by 200/month, which I make up in one shift at the home.

Anybody else think the manger is mental? We have 2 theories:

1. The hospital is building a new addition to the back to open in 2 years, with another 3rd floor unit....possible that she is planning to shift 1/2 the crew over there?

2. Maybe she's just trying to get rid of some of the long termers who lose hours?

3. Or she's just crazy.....

Thanks for listening!

pagandeva2000, LPN

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Welcome back! Have you been able to replace some of your items? In regard to your issue, sum it up as everyone is going nuts because of the horrible economy and needed an excuse to cut cost...so, yeah, your managers are nuts.

ghillbert, MSN, NP

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Gee, managers just can't win. Would you prefer more staff with slightly less shifts, or people getting laid off instead?

chicookie, BSN, RN

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All managers are nuts.

I have heard stories about managers hiring like mad and then bam no patients or no budget for new employees.

I hope your story has a happy ending though. Most of those stories don't.


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Nice to see you back.

Some places I worked at took the new grad training period from the hospital's education budget and not the floor. If a manager wanted to the budget to look good, there would be a lot of new grads and reduced staff. I suspect this is what is happening at your facility.

Athough I do not agree with what staff did to protest this, I will tell you because you might see this starting to happen. Staff made it a living hell for the new grads where they would leave in tears. One manager counteracted by replacing the lost staff with agency nurses, just to anger the staff more because she made it known they were 'making the big bucks.' Last I saw of that manager was as security was escourting her off premises. Don't know exactly why she got fired; but, I left shortly after that because I knew things were going to get very nasty.

May be that the hospital hasn't cut the budget yet to match the lower census. If your manager snoozes on the new hire she loses the budget. Then a year from now.. or two when the economy bounces back you are short staffed for six months till the budget catches up with the higher census. her job is to staff the unit the best she can, your paycheck issues don't matter to her.

locolorenzo22, BSN, RN

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yeah, i know...just had to vent that out there...I know, it just sucks when you know that working 2 jobs will be your life for a loooong time...plus you're saving for a wedding....

pag...yeah, I got some stuff replaced.....just sucks to have to deal with it...but i'm glad I'm finally back online!

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