Field Day "Drama"

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sheesh !! it's our last few days of school and today is field day. :coollook:

i am seeing lots of cuts, scrapes and l-o-t-s of kids coming in from running the track with fatigue.

it's hot and humid and miserable outside. the kids are "over this" and so am i !!

thanks for letting me vent !

praiser :heartbeat

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Hang in there, Praiser! You can make it to the finish line!!

Purple_Scrubs, BSN, RN

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Mine is tomorrow, I am sure I will see lots of the same! Do you stay in your office or do you go outside with the kids? I was outside last year and brought a first aid kit, then accompanied any kids that needed it back to the health room.

Hang in there, almost done!

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I loved field day ! I would usually go outside with my chair and first aid kits. I even joined in some of the fun games like the hola hoop contest. Field day is a blast however I did see alot of minor injuries and most of all the kids got fatigue very easily. I don't see anything wrong with going outside, it beats staying cooped up in the HR all day.


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Our field day was today. The PTA requested donations for water for the snack bar, then kids had to buy water. There was NO free water. So many kids didn't bring money so they didn't get any water. Re-cap, 300 kids running, hoping, jumping in 80 degree weather with no water. Thank GOD the ambulance was there for the kids to sit in and cool off :bowingpur

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