Feeling down. Need some encouragment.


so as many of the new grads know, finding a job is difficult without experience. however, i graduated in dec 09 and many of the people i graduated with have found jobs. not just in ltc but at prestigious hospitals and medical centers.the job market is tight where i'm from and there are not tons of positions available for new grads but every few weeks i hear of another friend that has landed a nursing job. i feel like there is something wrong with me because i have only had 2 interviews since i graduated. when a position opens up for an entry level nurse, i apply and call the nurse manager directly to set up an interview. i guess i just need someone to tell me that eventually i will land a job too... i've noticed a lot more posts are being made about new grads that have finally found a job. i even read a post today about a newbie that has two job offers... this excites me because i know that there are jobs out there but it discourages me because i feel like a straggler left behind and still waiting tables for a living. not sure where i'm going with all of this but i just needed to vent.:confused:

thanks for listening and any advice would be welcomed!:redbeathe


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I totally understand what you are going through. I graduated in June 2009 and am still looking for a job. You are not alone (I hate when people tell me that but it is true). I have been rejected so many times, and it certainly takes a toll. My advice is apply to every job not just hospital new grad jobs. If you are not already, take ACLS and maybe some other classes in a speciality you might like. Also, I have been told by many nurse recruiters that volunteering looks good on your resume.


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Yes, I will start volunteering. I heard that it helps to volunteer at hospitals because it gives you a chance to network with other nurses and make connections. Good luck in your Job Search as well.

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do not beat yourself up. there are not enough jobs for everyone who graduates nursing school in this economy. it is not possible; i do not care how many students graduated and landed jobs out of your graduating class. the numbers do not add up! for example, in my local area every six months about 60-100 new grads enter the work force from three programs.... there are not 60-100 new grad positions available in this area every six months!!!! :twocents:

on a brighter note, i agree with the above posters. plus, join nursing organizations to help you train as well as network with people who are nurse administrators. this may improve your chances in this economy. gl!

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I wish you a hug. I am SO with you! I think there are only one or two other people in my program (Dec. '08 Accelerated BSN) who have not found jobs. Most were just in the right place in the right time. Two of my friends got FT with limited to NO prior HC experience. It's hard not to be envious, but I love them and am happy they found their place in the nursing world.

I just keep telling myself that rarely have I met a nurse that meant to end up where he/she landed, but now they wouldn't change their path for anything.

We'll get noticed. Soon. And it will be JUST the right thing. I know it! :)


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I am feeling your pain. I graduated in May 09 and in August I landed a job in a SNF. That's not what I wanted but (not anything wrong with it, it's just not for me) I've been there ever since. Now I will have 10 months experience as a RN when we move out of state in June. Problem is I have been applying at hospitals in my soon to be new hometown and I'm still getting the same msg's. "not enough experience" It's very frusterating to me b/c I took the job to gain expereince and yet still not employable for lack of experience. I could scream!! So, I'm sending you lots of hugs and best wishes!!


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((Huggs))So sorry your going through this. Is there anyway you could talk to some of your old classmates and see if they could get you a job on their unit? Its worth a try. Hope you find something soon.


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hello all,

i just wanted to update and let you know that i finally landed an rn job! thank you for all of your support, hugs and encouragement. :redpinkhe please don't give up on your search because i know i almost did.

thanks again everyone!:)