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Hello all,

I am feeling very frustrated because of my lack of job opportunities as a RN. I have been a nurse now for about 2 years. I remember feeling on top of the world when I passed the NCLEX! I looked forward to my future in nursing and the doors that would open once I was finally a nurse. People always talk about how nursing is so versatile and that you have the opportunity to try many different areas of nursing until you find your niche. I feel as if I have not had many opportunities at all due to not being able to get hired at any jobs aside from home health and TCU/LTC. I worked in LTC/TCU for a year after graduating "to gain experience" but there was no on the job training at all and I felt as if Iwas thrown to the wolves! I have been in HH for a little over a year now. I like HH but I don't have benefits and feel as if I need something with a stable future. I have applied to hospital jobs, clinic jobs and have had a few interviews but have not been hired. I have applied with Allina,Healtheast, Fairview,Mayo, Healthpartners with no luck. I have an AD and I know this is not desired by hospitals or clinics. I want to go back to school and finish the BSN, but am worried that I still won't be able to land a decent nursing job even with the BSN! I feel like it's a gamble to go back to school when the job prospects have not been good so far. I would like to get hired with conditions to complete the BSN so that I know that I will have a job when I complete the BSN. I am feeling so defeated and don't know what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Any one else in the same boat?

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When you moved from LTC to home health, you moved further away from your ultimate goal. If you want to work in a hospital and none are calling, I'd suggest getting back into a SNF. You'll be at least a little more likely to be considered for acute care positions that way, especially after earning your BSN.

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I am not in your same boat as I have no desire to work in a hospital or LTC facility. But, I will add that if you live in the twin cities, apply or try to find a job in a more rural area hospital. Work there for a year or two and then try to get into hospitals in the metro. I heard rural hospitals hire ADNs and don't have strict requirements about having a BSN.

Otherwise, just keep trying.


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Thanks for the replies. I have been thinking about going back to a SNF. I am hoping to find a nursing job that has some tuition assistance so that I can complete the BSN. I think my ultimate goal would be to work in a clinic vs a hospital but all of the jobs I find want clinic experience so I am not sure if having the BSN will make a difference or not. I guess I won't know until I do it!!

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Good luck on your journey!


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The struggle is real!

I passed the NCLEX almost six months ago and I am still trying to find employment. Try your best to remain positive and know there are plenty of us in the same position. You are not alone.

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@scotchf you went to baptist in SATX, were you offered a position with Baptist Health System / Tenet


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Hi, I am a foreign graduate, BSN year 2009. I do not have solid hospital experience. HeRE in US (MN) , my experience is TCU for 15months. I applied at one of the healthpartners hospital here in MN. I was invited for interview (my first ever hospital interview) I answered 30 behavioral questions. I got an offer same day. Dont lose hope. Better pursue your BSN, keep working at TCU instead of LTC, doors will open for sure.

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