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  1. Psychnursehopeful

    Do you think interviews for nursing school can lead to discrimination?

    I think a weighted application process with the interview being no more than 25% is fair. Communicating effectively is a demand of the program and profession. Of course there are gate keepers who most certainly are biased but "objective" interviews have great value.
  2. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP Summer 2019 San Antonio ADN

    A's in A&P 1&2 and a B in micro. 3.67 GPA. 85.3 Teas overall. 80.9 Reading, 93.8 Math, 80.9 Science, 83.3 English.
  3. Psychnursehopeful

    Baptist School of Health Professions San Antonio

    I'm interested in the evening program. Has anyone applied or graduated from BSHP? I would like to get a better idea of the schedule, professors, curriculum is.
  4. Psychnursehopeful

    Best private student loans for large amounts?

    So what bank did you go with?
  5. Psychnursehopeful

    Should I go to nursing school with two foster babies and debt?

    I plan on going to an ADN program with a baby and twns of thousands in savings. My spouse will make oek full time while I do an evening program. I chose this path because it spoke to me, I also love the science of the body. May God bless you with the strength to persevere.
  6. Psychnursehopeful

    Are We Too PC?

    WASPS over 30 will agree. Most minorities including sexual minorities will say no. The demographics of power are changing in this nation. The PC complainers are typically the ones who feel as if they're "losing ground" on the cultural identity of America. Debating things such as PC is what makes us great. Eventually we'll find a happy medium that works for everyone.
  7. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP Summer 2019 San Antonio ADN

    Howdy! I plan on applying to Baptist School of Health Professions Summer 2019 ADN. Please comment if you have any information regarding BSHP, the Baptist Health System in general or if you plan to attend. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Y'all.