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  1. Psychnursehopeful

    Chamberlain College Pearland campus

    What's the total cost?
  2. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP summer 2020

    Current student. Have your CPR done and submit it with your application. The teas needs to be completed and scoreS sent by the deadline. Your other school needs to send the transcripts to BSHP but they will accept high school diploma from you. The deadline is the deadline.
  3. Psychnursehopeful

    Asked to Write a Formal Explanation

    It's quite common for scammers to use phishing techniques to hack top level emails from CEOs to University Dean's to Presidents of real estate companies. They hack the boss' email then email lower level employees saying I need some money for xyz and cannot make it to the bank due to abc, please buy X # of gift cards and email the codes. The lower level employees out of fear and ignorance usually send the gift cards. Unfortunately no US bank will refund the victim as the money is unrecoverable. I previously worked for the largest US bank. Very common scam. I'd consult legal advice op.
  4. Psychnursehopeful

    Forced from RN to MA question

    Are you being paid as a RN or a MA? Is your pay in line with your state / city as far an RNs are we concerned. From your post it sounds as though you're being taken advantage of. Make sure you get the wage a RN deserves!
  5. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP Summer 2019 San Antonio ADN

    Hours are 5:30-8:30 ish. 12 hour clinicals are Saturday or Friday. 7-7
  6. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP Summer 2019 San Antonio ADN

    Were you at the orientation?
  7. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP Summer 2019 San Antonio ADN

    Did you ever have a Sunday clinical?
  8. Psychnursehopeful

    Baptist School of Health Professions Fall 2019

    I hope you get in!
  9. Psychnursehopeful

    Baptist School of Health Professions Fall 2019

    I was accepted for the evening!
  10. Psychnursehopeful

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    Reading this as a 30 year who's hoping to start a 2nd career as a nurse.
  11. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP Summer 2019 San Antonio ADN

    @calcgirl314 I'm glad to hear that you had so many options with your Adn. I'm personally interested in dialysis or psych. Would you happen to know the starting salary @baptist health system? Would you know if BSHP accepts Clep credits?
  12. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP Summer 2019 San Antonio ADN

    Congratulations!!! Was it difficult to find a job with an ADN?
  13. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP baptist San Antonio Admission Scores

    I'll let you know! Fingers crossed!
  14. Psychnursehopeful

    Do you think interviews for nursing school can lead to discrimination?

    I think a weighted application process with the interview being no more than 25% is fair. Communicating effectively is a demand of the program and profession. Of course there are gate keepers who most certainly are biased but "objective" interviews have great value.
  15. Psychnursehopeful

    Dismissal from Nursing program; options?

    Appeal and consult a lawyer. Talk to your lawyer about a nicotine test asap. I'm sorry this happened to you. Why would the security guards give false statements?
  16. Psychnursehopeful

    BSHP Summer 2019 San Antonio ADN

    Congratulations! I actually didn't apply for the summer, due to a (surprise) newborn I'll be applying to the fall semester! I hope that you continue to use allnurses as I'll PM y'all with questions about the orientation and 1st semester.

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