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  1. Tay123

    Feeling discouraged about current job prospects

    Thanks for the replies. I have been thinking about going back to a SNF. I am hoping to find a nursing job that has some tuition assistance so that I can complete the BSN. I think my ultimate goal would be to work in a clinic vs a hospital but all of the jobs I find want clinic experience so I am not sure if having the BSN will make a difference or not. I guess I won't know until I do it!!
  2. Hello all, I am feeling very frustrated because of my lack of job opportunities as a RN. I have been a nurse now for about 2 years. I remember feeling on top of the world when I passed the NCLEX! I looked forward to my future in nursing and the doors that would open once I was finally a nurse. People always talk about how nursing is so versatile and that you have the opportunity to try many different areas of nursing until you find your niche. I feel as if I have not had many opportunities at all due to not being able to get hired at any jobs aside from home health and TCU/LTC. I worked in LTC/TCU for a year after graduating "to gain experience" but there was no on the job training at all and I felt as if Iwas thrown to the wolves! I have been in HH for a little over a year now. I like HH but I don't have benefits and feel as if I need something with a stable future. I have applied to hospital jobs, clinic jobs and have had a few interviews but have not been hired. I have applied with Allina,Healtheast, Fairview,Mayo, Healthpartners with no luck. I have an AD and I know this is not desired by hospitals or clinics. I want to go back to school and finish the BSN, but am worried that I still won't be able to land a decent nursing job even with the BSN! I feel like it's a gamble to go back to school when the job prospects have not been good so far. I would like to get hired with conditions to complete the BSN so that I know that I will have a job when I complete the BSN. I am feeling so defeated and don't know what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Any one else in the same boat?
  3. Tay123

    Spring 2015 MANE programs

    I was accepted at Inver Hills with a 11.53 combined total. I think you have a great chance elsterling27 of still getting in being #7 on the waiting list. There are alot of people who apply to multiple schools, and even on here there are atleast a few that applied to Inver as a second choice. What was your combined score if you don't mind me asking, just curious.
  4. Tay123

    Spring 2015 MANE programs

    Hello All! I applied at Inver Hills. I have a combined score of 11.53. Which I saw someone else that posted has the same score. I can't believe we didn't get our letters today. Hopefully tomorrow! I am so nervous. I just want to know either way. Crossing my fingers. Good luck everyone. I will update when I get my letter.