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So I've been a med/surg nurse for almost a year now. I have been feeling somewhat burnt out for months. I have had a few health problems and my daughter has been sick a few times recently. I had my grandmother pass away and was greeted with disgruntled staffing when I called in bereavement. I've been to the ER a few times for my daughter and all I hear back is "do you know how short we are and what you're doing to us by calling in". When I do work we run short staffed almost every night, increasing the chance for errors, which we all have been making more of. I get 5-6 patients but they are all very high acuity people. The only time I feel my manager talks to me is when she has something to complain to me about. I dislike working 4 8's a week and when requesting a schedule that works for me and my family I was told I was being inflexible. I'm just generally unhappy. I have an appointment with EAP to help with the stress. I have been applying other places and continue to check in but no call backs. I call my own HR and express my wish to transfer units and never hear back from anyone. I love the people I work with, the night shift all learns to bond together since we are busier than most people think (surgical patients go crazy at night). I just don't know how much more of this stress I can handle. I already feel guilty from having to call in, especially when I often call to see if they need help on my days off. I just feel close to having a breakdown soon, but am also complete afraid of losing my job (my boyfriend was laid off a few months ago so I am the soul supporter of him, me, and my two year old). Any suggestions? Sorry for the length but I just needed to vent to nurses who would understand!


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The lack of call backs should give you an indication of what the job market is like. I suggest that you tune out those who criticize you all the time and take mental health days when you need them, just don't overdo it. You need some rest once in awhile. And it wouldn't hurt to get serious about a self program for stress management, starting with a day or two or a week off once in awhile. If it takes getting a doctor to put you out on sick leave, then go see one. Nothing is worth a mental or physical breakdown.


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Ya. Unfortunately with my family issues lately all my leave time for mental health days are going to that. I have a vacation scheduled but that's being threatened since my sick time was used for my daughter.


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)))hugs(((( hang in there! :rolleyes:

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