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I am thinking of leaving nursing but still need/want to work full time and would love to use my knowledge. Has anyone used a career counselor or found something they love and still make a decent income? Thanks!

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What do you love?

What do you consider to be a decent income?  

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Great question. 

Me too on leaving the profession.  

Specializes in Pediatrics, Oncology, Triage and Med/Surg.

Great questions! You made a valid point that I never thought about with respect to salary. To me decent is $80k >. I guess I need to think more about what I truly love. 

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Start by taking one of the free online career aptitude tests to help guide career direction.

Indeed.com: 8 Free Career Aptitude Tests for Adults (And How They Work)

A Nurse Coach may be helpful to ignite your strengths and get resources.

Wishing you success in life.

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