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Feeling a Bit Stressed -- Just need to share


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Wow. I feel like I have been hit in the stomach. I have 1 1/2 semesters left and just got a scathing report on my clinical paperwork. Most particularly, my instructor doesn't think that I know what is going on with my patient. First I was upset. Then I asked another instructor (who kept our conversation confidential) just to have a look and see if she thought there was merit in the remarks. So, the second opinion was, that apart from a minor omission in my summary (it was not omitted in my system assessment), the harsher criticism seemed unfounded.

I have to conference with my instructor tomorrow. Obviously I am not going to say I got a second opinion on my paperwork because only my current instructor's opinion counts in this. I am also not going to be defensive. But I am worried. People have been dropping like flies from our semester.

I actually do not mind criticism (it helps me improve) -- but it is hard to take on board a sweeping statement/generalization. Yet, I am afraid if I ask for specifics, it will come over as hostile. Given what my instructor said by email I can't imagine face-to-face will be any better.

Oh dear. I suppose I really just want some warm/positive thoughts sent in my direction for tomorrow. Thanks for listening.


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Hang in there. I hope you got some sleep. Remain conversational, open and ask her opinion on what you need to do to improve. Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks. I didn't get a lot of sleep. Sleep deprived is not the best way to be when handling this sort of thing. My meeting will be this afternoon.

DolceVita - I hope it went well for you. Let us know how it went and if this all got worked out for you!

DolceVita, BSN, RN

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Thanks for asking. So it turns out I was simply misunderstanding what she wanted. She thought it was an indication of idiocy but really it was a miscommunication. Thank goodness. I couldn't eat all day until I spoke with her.

Also, it turns out that half of us got very similar "you are an idiot" type statements. You could have cut the atmosphere in pre-conference with a knife. Basically I fell on my sword, no excuses etc. I really wish she had mentioned this a few weeks ago but it all seems OK for now.

Crisis averted.

Thanks for the support!


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Good for you for being professional...I've had moody instructors who would do things like this. I quickly realized if I made them realize I was open to their criticism and wanted to fix whatever they "thought" was wrong, it made them lighten up and not be so confrontational. I'm sure they get students who are rude to them when the instructors are trying to give constructive criticism. I don't think it was a bad idea at all to get a second opinion from your other instructor.

Hang in there...you've made it this far! :)

Hang in there, I had a bad day at clinical today. I couldn't do anything right. I was waiting for my CI so I could give 0900 meds to my primary patient at around 0830. Went to help a classmate turn a pt. CI came in and said I needed to be feeding my secondary pt, gave me a hard time. I went to feed secondary pt. By the time CI got to me for my med pass it was after 1000. CI was unhappy that I was giving meds late. I forgot to clamp a piggy back IV, ended up wetting the CI with IV fluid. Things went downhill from there. Normally clinical is a breeze for me, not today.

You hang in there too.

Try not to let that situation frustrate you. :banghead:

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Something I learned (and the hard way ;)) is that you have to figure out what YOUR CI wants and then deliver. I've had CI's that told me that I "wasted" time getting to know my patients and I've had CI's that give me enormous amounts of praise for my communication and rapport. I have to adjust every single semester to mold myself into what that particular CI wants from me in order to not spend the entire time on the defense. Play offense - it's easier!

I can't wait until I'm out in the real world and get to be the nurse I want to be, not the one my CI thinks I should be!

DolceVita - I'm so glad things turned out well for you! One of the hardest things that I have had to deal with at clinical is adjusting to each new clinical instructor's personality and their way of doing things. Then, if you make a mistake, it's like they make you feel as tall as a blade of grass, which kills the confidence level and makes you second guess everything you are doing. In this way, clinicals suck. Hang in there!!!