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I received two patients-new admissions from er at the same time (I work in ICU). I could not do both, I had to get help, I had to get charge nurse to admit one and do assessment bc I couldn't do both. Is this normal or am I completely inadequate and a horrible nurse? Feeling pretty lousy.:o

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I routinely get 2 and even 3 admissions at once and have no trouble at all. I must admit, it used to be pretty challenging, until I learned about astral projection and can now be in several places at once. On a slow night I can project myself and get all my laundry and grocery shopping done, as well.

But, seriously, folks, two admissions at the same time is never a good idea, and seems downright criminal in an ICU. I've never worked critical care, but my instinct tells me that someone going from the ED to the ICU is probably not entirely well. I know I've had some step-down admissions that weren't terribly healthy.

Somebody (not you) needs to get their head out of their butt.


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You are only one person. Why would you think you should be able to do the job of two?

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You did right. I have been a nurse for 18 years and I couldn't admit both.

I think it has to do with being human and not being able to clone one's self to admit both very sick patients at the same time.


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That doesn't make you inadequate, it makes you human. I've gotten two admissions that rolled in at the exact same time in ICU before as well, but I told the charge there was no way I could admit both at the same time (I had transferred both of my other patients and had none at the time). The first patient I got needed to be intubated and lines inserted as soon as she arrived, so I basically didn't even leave her room until it was time to report off. It just is not possible, or safe, to even attempt to admit to ICU patients simultaneously.


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Tolerantgirl: Could the problem actually be that you're too tolerant, girl? Why, oh why, would you believe that ANYBODY can do justice to 2 ICU admits at the same time? I don't know anyone who could reasonably handle two regular MedSurg admits at the same time, not with all the paperwork and the time pressures that come with that. Why do we nurses keep feeling the problem is that we are inadequate, not that too much is expected from us?

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This is why we all work together as a team. NO ONE can be two places at once (well, except for nursemike and he's just special like that)! Don't beat yourself up over this,..and remember the next time one of your co workers is slammed with two admits at once to step in and help out! BTW nursemike,...we need some great multi-taskers in my ER,....I'm sending you an app!!!


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It bothers me that you would feel inadequate about not being able to admit two patients to the ICU. This is not something that any nurse would be able to do. The floors that I have worked on would never give a nurse 2 admits at a time. You have to do your assessment along with admission paperwork, orders for IVs or labs, foley etc. It takes time to complete all of this. The charge nurse should have never given you both admits. This is her ( or his) fault, not anything to do with you. Please don't feel bad about this.

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i received two patients-new admissions from er at the same time (i work in icu). i could not do both, i had to get help, i had to get charge nurse to admit one and do assessment bc i couldn't do both. is this normal or am i completely inadequate and a horrible nurse? feeling pretty lousy.:o

are you a new grad? the reason i ask is because you sounded like me two months ago. i am 7 months post graduation and working in my current position and i no longer feel like i need to be superwoman to be a good nurse. if others have to help me because i cannot be in two places at once, then i am happy to have the help. having help when you need to be in two places at once makes you a good nurse because you know to properly delicate tasks to provide safe patient care. if there are nurses who try to turn the situation into something it is not, such as stating there is something wrong with you as a nurse, then they are trying to eat you! do not let their garbage effect your impression of your nursing abilities. btw, you will get faster at performing tasks, making decisions based upon assessments, implementing orders, coordinating care, documenting to cover your behind, etc. as time goes on, but accept that you will never be perfect. this advice was given to me by a few nurses with over 20 years of experience. it seems to be true so far. gl!

oops... i almost forgot to mention... if you are a new grad (under two years of work experience) or a nurse that would like to help new grads... come join us on the first year after nursing licensure forum https://allnurses.com/first-year-after/. :up:

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