FDA to Ban Gay Donors


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The FDA has decided to ban gays from donating sperm:


I'm all for infection control, but that's ridiculous. According to the CDC, about 30 percent of the men with HIV in the US are straight. That's about 176K sperm donors. I don't usually jump on the idea that the government is out to "get" specfic people/groups, but I'll have to admit that, in this case, something sure stinks in Washington.

leslie :-D

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talk about taking 10 huge steps backwards.

truly this article left me w/my jaw hung open.

hiv isn't even a friggin' gay man's disease anymore and has definitely become more pervasive amongst the straight population.

and what about the millions of people w/hep? how thoroughly are they being screened?

it would definitely behoove the fda to remove their heads from their a$$es and start researching current literature/trends.


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:madface: there are homophobes everywhere. and, as much as this action by the fda makes no sense (can they really mandate this? i mean, people lie on forms), they can't necessarily make this sort of rule ironclad. it's more bureaucratic crap to try to keep people "in their place." ridiculous.

Not surprising, with this Administration...


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36_1_6.gif Naaah i think I'll pass on this one......

You read my mind.


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