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Hi Everyone,

I am just curious, what is your favorite unit to work on and why?

Also, What is your favorite shift?

I prefer off shifts and ICU, How about you?

nightingale, RN

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I have worked at so many differnt hospital now in the Denver area that I have to say I no longer have a favorite.

Professionally, for stimulation I love Oncology but the units I have been exposed to thus far have not been that great. It was more the gambit of medical then true Oncology.

I am now very okay with stating I like Med/Surg. There is a lot of diversity on that unit usually. I like the mix of surgical patients with the medical for interest.

Truly, I much prefer working on a unit that has a nice staff who are helpful and positive people. That is what I gravitiate towards these days and where I ask if I can block book.

Oh.. I am deffinitely a days person. 7A to 7P please... For now I prefer the 12's becasue I am working as much as possible but plan to "someday" work a real day job and "have a life" after work.

A little aside.. I plan to take the ANCC Board Certification for Med/Surg Nurse this May. It feels goood reviewing all the information again and I think the test will make me more marketable.




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worked many units and really have no favorite. work nights:cool:

Pat krupski

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the unit doesn't matter but the type of patient does. I have worked nights for 12 years, pms for 2 and now do weekend and one pm. I really loved nights but had to give it up due to health. I love any unit where I can work with that long term forgotten elderly patient.

live4today, RN

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I have worked everywhere except L&D just about, and loved them all. Pediatrics and Newborn Nursery were very close to my heart, but I also loved the variety Med/Surg gave me. I learned a lot on Med/Surg that I didn't learn working other units, especially on the specialty units. I also enjoyed Cardiac Stepdown and learning Telemetry. I can deal with just about anything if working with good team players! :)


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My fav place to work is L&Dalthough I haven't done in over 5yrs now...:o I almost took a regular job here...that was offered in a very nice hospital here Next is ER...(yeah call me an adrenaline junkie..:p)...next is CCU, and last but not least is Recovery Room..:)

I love working nites most of the time....but sometimes I like to switch to days. Had a contract recently where I worked RR from 8:30am to 5:30 pm with one lunch...and 2 breaks....for 6 months...sweet...:). I like to work 12hr shifts the best though.....cause once I get there....I can do four more hrs....no problem. And then have several days off to regroup...and come back for more...:cool:


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I love NICU I do occasional NBNrsy. I work 7p-7a. I just love those little neonates they are so brave.

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