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I am still WAITING to start nursing school next fall and I would love to hear what your favorite memory of nursing school is for you all. It would definitely encourage us who are waiting. Thanks!:D

i havent graduated yet...but will in May. So far my favorite memory from my clinical work has been a client who was on a med/surg floor and had come into the hospital from some reason that had cleared up and could not be discharged because they found a blockage in her colon....she was so worried and just wanted someone to talk to...so i was able to sit with her for a while and she was so greatful for just doing that and she cried and gave me a hug and kissed my hand. It's those little things that make you stick with school and to be a nurse more than ever.

Good luck to you,

Pearl :)

My NICU clinicals. Thought I would be terrified. Felt so natural and my preceptor gave me a lot of reign. There was also a family practice clinical where the MA and I split the clients- she took one- I took the next one. First time I felt competent and trusted to perform my duties.

Good luck in school. Sometimes you will surprise yourself when you learn you have more strengths than you thought.

Believe me. There have been so many. Not only poignant stories, but funny ones, too. I would never have believed it when I was sitting in your shoes. (which BTW wasn't that long ago)

My first real patient that I "connected" to was a guy about 65 with a PEG tube and could talk at all. My instructor, (who BTW was great and very concerned about our patients) had neglected to remember him during this encounter. It was my first PEG tube meds and I was scared as heck! I gave him his meds all the while the instructor was instructing, etc. and my teacher had turned to leave the room and I turned to my patient and laid my hand on his chest (I'd become quite attached to him) and said, "Thanks for being so patient while I gave you your medications." He looked me straight in the eye (a nonverbal guy mind whose report might lead you to believe he didn't know what was going on) and smiled and nodded his head. Now, let me tell you how good I felt! It was the best feeling in the world!

Now, ask me about the funny stories that I could write a book about and never have to go into nursing. I could tell you a few of those as well.


My pinning ceremony, hands down! :D

I would say my funniest clinical memory was when a student showed up wearing two different shoes. The were both NurseMates brand, but completely different styles. And she worked all day like that!

bEst clinical memory was when a pt. told me I was the best nurse he had ever had, and by far the best student!

My pinning ceremony was the most amazing thing! To see all of the nursing faculty standing up there with huge smiles on their faces and shaking each and every one of our hands (hugs too)! It made me want to cry.

Just remember that even though you may think your instructors are out to get you at times, they want you to become the best nurse possible. They have so many years of wonderful experience, let them help you become an amazing nurse. They are so proud of us when we are Graduate Nurses!;)

It's so nice to read these "warm and fuzzy" posts ... what nice memories! It just dawned on me this morning - the senior class in my school just had their pinning this afternoon, which makes my group the seniors now!! :eek: I'm getting excited though, finally seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I would say my fondest memories are the patients who you just KNOW you connected with. Whether it be a smile from a patient in pain, direct eye contact with a nonverbal patient, the squeeze of a hand or a thank you from a previously verbally abusive patient, these are the kinds of things that melt me and stick with me forever.

these are wonderful, keep 'em coming! i like the funny ones too, but i think it's the sentimental stories, that give me strength to hang in there!

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I work as a clinical assistant now. When the pts. on our floor hear that i'm a nursing student, a LOT of them give so many words of encouragement. When i hear "you'll be a great nurse" i get choked up.

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