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Fall 2021 College of the Desert


Hi All! 😀

I just wanted to start a thread for those trying to apply to College of the Desert for Fall 2020. At this point, all that's left for me is to take the TEAS, double check that my science classes will be accepted and that they'll accept my communications class. I'm nervous and excited all at once! Any tips or advice people have heard about the program? Any other random information or tid bits that people know about the program is welcome too! 😉


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I just found out about this school have an appt with the counselor on Monday. 😬


Let us know how it goes! Good luck!

Hey Nancyrd91,

Did the counselor tell you the latest statistics for the lowest points admitted and highest points admitted into the RN program?

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No I have to call her tomorrow in regards of a course they were supposed to look over. Did they tell you? 

No. They used to post it on their site, but so far they only have up the numbers for the LVN-RN bridge program.


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Does anyone know where the "Multi-Criteria Selection Process Worksheet" is located? I am trying to find and print it out

Hello All,

For those applying, anyone comfortable to share their stats (I'll go 1st). Per counselor at COD, I have 85 points once my TEAS score is included. I am guessing applications will be competitive because the school was closed for admissions for a while. I'm nervous. eeek! 😓

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23 minutes ago, Sheroe said:


To find it (in case you need it in the future), go to the COD home pg

Click Academic Programs

Click School of Health Sciences & Education

Click ADN (Whatever Program you're applying for)

The Multipoint criteria sheet should be a highlighted red link to the document.

Good luck! 🙂

Thank you! quick question for the application, should we include our student ID even if we've never taken any courses from the college before?

I would ask the counselor. I thought I read on the application to include the stu# if you have one, but I’m not sure.