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  1. Sheroe

    Fall 2021 College of the Desert

    I would ask the counselor. I thought I read on the application to include the stu# if you have one, but I’m not sure.
  2. Sheroe

    Fall 2020 College of the Desert

    Good for you. I missed the deadlines for most CA schools (I think). I am limited on budget so it narrows down the schools I can apply to. I am going to TRY and not work through nursing school.
  3. Sheroe

    Fall 2020 College of the Desert

    There is a thread I created for Fall 2021, but so far only one person has responded. I am concerned it will be WAY more competitive than it already is b/c the school was closed for so long. I am a little nervous!
  4. Sheroe

    Fall 2020 College of the Desert

    I never applied for Fall 2020 because I wasn't ready for the TEAS. I plan to apply for Fall 2021 once the application comes out.
  5. Sheroe

    Nevada State College (NSC Fall 2021)

    Hi Luke, Thanks so much for your reply! I already have a BA and sent all transcripts. Looking like the school is weird about transfer students. I will meet with a counselor and see, but not sure about NSC if I have to re-take all the courses from my Bachelors degree. Again, thanks!
  6. Sheroe

    Victor Valley Collage - VVC

    Hi, I heard from someone that they stopped accepting apps in 2019 as usually they have a 2yr waiting list. Word is they won't be accepting apps until 2022 or 2023.
  7. Sheroe

    For those of you who took the TEAS 6 already..

    Here are some sample practice questions, but I'd recommend joining the Nursehub ATI TEAS facebook group: H+ + HCO3- <-> H2O + CO2 Based on the equation above occurring in blood, which of the following would result if the reaction is moving in a forward direction? A. Blood pressure will decrease B. The blood will become more acidic C. The blood will become more basic D. Proton concentration will increase What happens when a skeletal muscle is in a relaxed state? A. Ca2+ is released into the cytosol of the muscle cell B. Myosin forms cross bridges with actin filaments C. Tropomyosin covers myosin-binding sites D. ATP binds to myosin heads practice questions © ATI (admins may remove post if not allowed).
  8. Sheroe

    Fall 2021 College of the Desert

    No. They used to post it on their site, but so far they only have up the numbers for the LVN-RN bridge program.
  9. Sheroe

    Fall 2021 College of the Desert

    Hey Nancyrd91, Did the counselor tell you the latest statistics for the lowest points admitted and highest points admitted into the RN program?
  10. Hi All! 😀 I just wanted to start a thread for those trying to apply to College of the Desert for Fall 2020. At this point, all that's left for me is to take the TEAS, double check that my science classes will be accepted and that they'll accept my communications class. I'm nervous and excited all at once! Any tips or advice people have heard about the program? Any other random information or tid bits that people know about the program is welcome too! 😉
  11. Sheroe

    MT. SAC ADN FALL 2021

    THANK YOU! 😉
  12. Sheroe

    MT. SAC ADN FALL 2021

    Hi, I am curious is anyone knows the clinical sites that Mt. SAC uses?
  13. Sheroe

    How to print copy of your CNA license in califronia?

    Good luck! 🤩
  14. Hello guys! I am in California and looking to possibly relocate to Nevada. I am seriously looking at NSC for Fall of 2021. I have taken just about all pre-requisites except for BioL-189 (Fundamentals of Life Science). I have a BA already so the pre-reqs weren't completed at NSC and I'm concerned about this. If I calculated everything right, I have about a 3.74-3.75 "ish" GPA. I am ALMOST ready for the TEAS, but am terrified. Just worried that even if I score a 100% on the TEAS that I won't have a competitive application because of how they do their point system. I REALLY hope I can go to NSC. I'd appreciate feedback from folks who are in the program or know people in the program, alumni, etc. Just nervous based on my research. Should be meeting with a counselor soon, but just want some "boots on the ground" feedback. Thanks! 😊
  15. Sheroe

    Free TEAS Study Guide

  16. Sheroe

    Info-WGU Pre-Licensure Program

    Thank you Jan11! I took a break from this site due to my lengthy TEAS study schedule so I missed your post. Thanks for giving some feedback. I appreciate the information IMMENSELY! If I have questions that come up later, is it OK to private msg you if needed?