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Hey there. I am doing my first assignment with Favorite Healthcare. I am almost done with this assignment and wanted to put my stats down for comparisson. I am in the Boston, MA area.

-weekly net: $930

-hourly rate:$23/hour, $75/hour overtime

-My residence is over 60 miles away.

-I have the cost of living in an extended-stay hotel deducted from my pay (hotel was the cheapest option).

-2 years experience in ICU nursing

A nurse at the hospital my contract is with has the same take home Net and she has 5 years of experience. How do I negotiate my next contract (whether its with the same hospital or another)? Thanks!!


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Not following your question. I don't believe it can be answered as phrased by anyone but you. What are your goals, expectations, and options?


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Wait, your weekly net is 930 and u are responsible for housing, so the 930 includes the stipened?? If I am correct, that SUX!!!!

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I've never gotten a good quote from that staffing company for travel jobs for ER jobs I've looked into.

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For Boston your blended hourly rate should be about ten dollars higher at least.

Your housing stipend should be at least $ 2000.

Did favorite break down the hourly rate into taxed hourly wage and untaxed meals and incidentals? With two years of experience in ICU you are not going to be paid as well as a more marketable traveler.

When Favorite calls to ask you if you want to renew your contract, be clear and say no but I would like to stay at Brighams. The cost of living is extremely high here and I need XXXX for the housing stipend and XX per hour and XX per hour for overtime. Then silence. The first person who speaks in any negotiation is the loser.

This is your business. The recruiter is not your friend, he is a sales rep. period. It's no different than leasing a house or an apartment. Be clear and brief.

Always have plan b. Tell another recruiter at another agency that you are available Oct1 for contracts in Boston/ NH/ME.