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  1. AA012

    Drexel January 2016 Start

    Hi Marina, I applied in April and got an invite to interview 10 months later in Feb. Are you looking at any other programs?
  2. AA012

    Drexel January 2016 Start

    Hey all I was accepted to Drexel! Thanks for all of the support! Now I'm looking to meet my future classmates!
  3. AA012

    Tax Season!

    Hey everyone! I've been traveling since July and wanted to ask some veteran travelers what to do come tax season. I plan on filing in my state of legal residence (PA), but what about those incentives I've heard about? Anyone have tips on what to claim when it comes time to file?? Thanks!
  4. AA012

    Boston-area and GRE

    Hey everyone, I have posted here and other places several times at this point. Applying to Northeastern, Boston College, and Memorial Hospital of RI. I'm taking the dreaded GRE in October. Does anyone have any advice for GRE prep? Books? Crash-course class? Can anyone speak to any of the three schools I mentioned previously about interview process, what admissions looks for, etc? I have my CCRN and military experience to set myself apart, but what else? Thank you
  5. AA012

    Fair or not?

    Hey there. I am doing my first assignment with Favorite Healthcare. I am almost done with this assignment and wanted to put my stats down for comparisson. I am in the Boston, MA area. -weekly net: $930 -hourly rate:$23/hour, $75/hour overtime -My residence is over 60 miles away. -I have the cost of living in an extended-stay hotel deducted from my pay (hotel was the cheapest option). -2 years experience in ICU nursing A nurse at the hospital my contract is with has the same take home Net and she has 5 years of experience. How do I negotiate my next contract (whether its with the same hospital or another)? Thanks!!
  6. Personally I don't know anyone who just had one year when they entered their NA program. How's your gpa?
  7. AA012

    Apply now or later?

    I took the ccrn and passed! Waiting to hear back from Drexel Thanks guys
  8. Icu_rn88 I sent you a private message a few days ago. And I took the ccrn and passed!
  9. AA012

    Anyone using VA VOC Rehab...

    At your first appointment you will most likely do a skills survey to see what career field matches your skills. What is your end goal? What do you want to do in nursing?
  10. AA012

    CCRN Exam Scheduled!

    Update: took the exam and I passed!
  11. AA012

    Anyone using VA VOC Rehab...

    Yes bring all that stuff and remember the focus is to make you employable as an NP, advanced practice nurse, or whatever you are trying to do that happens to require an MSN
  12. AA012

    Anyone using VA VOC Rehab...

    Just go into a field of nursing where you can sit a lot... Do some research. Fyi if you do have knee pain often, keep in mind that nursing school has clinical and you will be on your feet for that.
  13. AA012

    Anyone using VA VOC Rehab...

    Hey there. I applied using VONAPP and the paper application back in 2011 I think. Try googling "(state) department of Veterans Affairs" it wouldn't be at your VA hospital, but some other building that deals with education and training. If you can find a phone number to the closest one to you, call them. You're looking to speak with a Voc Rehab counselor. Now, MAKE SURE YOUR GOAL FOR THE MSN IS CLEARLY DOCUMENTED. You don't want to switch from GI Bill to Ch. 31 Voc Rehab and have your counselor tell you that goal isn't a good match for you or make up some excuse to not approve it. Remember, it's all about your GOAL to make you EMPLOYABLE. I.e. I want to be an entry-level CRNA, but to get there I must have an RN, I must have an MSN... Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck
  14. AA012

    Waiting to hear back.

    Hello everyone. I am waiting to hear back from Drexel's program after submitting the application for the April priority deadline for entrance into January 2016. - 3.6 ADN gpa - currently 3.6 BSN gpa(graduate from Drexel in March 2015) - ICU and CTICU experience 1.5 years, 3 years come entry into the program. - taking CCRN this month - military experience/veteran Drexel said they could waive my GRE scores based on my gpa/coursework thus far. I am just wondering if anyone has been in my position where their BSN is not completed at the time of application, but is completed well before entry. Has this negatively impacted your chances of admission? If anyone wants to add anything to help increase my chances of gaining an interview or being accepted, I'd appreciate your feedback! Thanks everyone for your continued support!
  15. Oh and I'm waiting to hear from Drexel.