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trackhead has 20 years experience and specializes in Flight nurse, flight medic, ER, ICU, NP school now.

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  1. trackhead

    Pushy Recruiter

    The good side of this story is a motivated recruiter is better than a slow, unresponsive one. But like anything in life, there's a balance, and this guy is way beyond it.
  2. trackhead

    Aya vs. TNAA

    It's a bit odd that you had an offer for one job from two companies. Turn one down gently? You're the boss, not the agency, that's how I look at that relationship. They need you more than you need them.
  3. trackhead

    Between contracts

    I just had two months off between contracts..............and worked only nine months of the past twelve.
  4. trackhead

    Travel Nursing @ Mayo Clinic in MN?

    AZ Mayo was justin hiring ER travel.
  5. trackhead

    Offer Rescinded

    How do you get quick offers? Not really sure, maybe Ned has more insight. Driving here from Texas I had an offer for 4/5 positions submitted for within four days of getting submitted. Maybe travel experience helps, seems to. There's just a ton of work down here now with the snowbird season ramping up. I know nothing about dialysis needs, so can't really help you there. But there is a large Native American population on the outskirts of town, and they typically have large populations of dialysis patients/centers.
  6. trackhead

    Offer Rescinded

    I'm in Phoenix right now, working ER. My contract here almost dissolved in the first week for some confusion between vendor manager, hospital, travel agency. Long story short.....contract is fine, but in the meantime, I looked for other work here and had two offers in the city within 48 hours. Apply with someone other than Banner. They have 50% of the hospitals, but there are a TON more. Look at Tucson too, lots of needs down there. The Banner pay is ok, but there silly completion bonus is nothing more than your salary being held ransom until they pay you later. Banner Schmanner........I worked at Banner Boswell ED last winter, worst ER I've ever worked in. Not a fan of that facility.
  7. trackhead

    travel nursing out west?

    It's only "tax friendly" if your home state (tax home) has zero income tax. Otherwise, you're still going to pay income tax.
  8. trackhead

    Paramedic to ED RN

    This was work I did from 1997-1999. They phased out medics in this role, but yes, I did insulin drips, heparin drips, everything RN's did. I had to have some things double checked, just as I have to do as an RN now. We did the same scope of practice as RN's, just got paid really crappy. But regardless, that experience was invaluable to me as an ER RN. Either way, some of the best RN's I've worked with were previously ER techs.
  9. trackhead

    Paramedic to ED RN

    I was a medic for a few years in an ER, working with an expanded scope of practice (we were essentially nurses), then became an RN. I learned almost nothing in nursing school that I didn't already know from my experience as an ER medic. Being an ER tech would be invaluable not to your education, but more toward real life work in the ER. I'm obviously not a fan of education as the answer to competency.
  10. trackhead

    nicu travel nurse questions

    You're getting too nervous for no reason. Relax, ask questions, you'll be fine.
  11. trackhead


    Anyone have any first hand experience with this company?
  12. trackhead

    American Mobile

    I've done a few assignments with them, on one now, and have had no issues. Pay is similar to other companies.
  13. trackhead

    Traveler orientation

    I haven't understood any of that persons posts either.............
  14. trackhead

    travel nursing out west?

    I'm a Utah local (SLC). I just turned down two travel jobs there because I got something somewhere else, but it's a friendly city and the skiing, no matter where you live in the valley, is never more than 25 minutes away. The hospitals there are all pretty good, I've worked at most of them (ER). Somewhat might chime in and say HCA (St. Marks) is bad because it's HCA, but it's not bad in SLC. I worked there for quite a while. Anyway, Utah is a realistic travel goal, and a great place. 4 hours from Moab, some of the best skiing in the country, incredible mountain biking, etc, etc.
  15. trackhead

    Question to those who travel with spouse and kids

    My wife quit her fed probation job and now takes care of our three year old. She has, at times, missed working. That is, until she thinks about getting up at 6am and being gone all day, missing out on hanging with our youngster. That's more important to her. Wants his own money?
  16. trackhead

    Tuba City Arizona Advice

    I lived in Flagstaff for five years, and when I was a paramedic, spent a lot of time in Tuba City and other parts of the reservation flying patients out of there. It's an entirely different world and culture. The Navajo, in my opinion, are very docile, and despite it being a run down and very poor place, I've never felt unsafe spending time on the reservation. That said, the Navajo have a high incidence of inter-family violent crime and rape, and of course alcoholism. It seemed the prefix of much of the illness on the reservation was alcohol, lots of GI bleeds, alcohol/assualts (blunt trauma), etc. Tons of renal patients from all the diabetes/obesity. As far as the work environment, a lot of people have good experiences. I never had a negative experience flying patients out of hospitals all over the Navajo reservation. Always friendly staff, etc. But I did find communicating with my patients difficult, because culturally they are very different, especially the elders. Not in a bad or negative way, just different. You'll learn all that. Tuba City is really close to the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Flagstaff, all incredible places. And the Painted Desert surrounding Tuba City is amazing, in a completely isolated, vast, remote kind of way. I love it out there. Much of the Navajo Reservation is incredibly beautiful red rock desert, and exploration is unlimited. Canyon De Chelly, Kayenta, Window Rock, Shiprock, all worthy places to visit. Mexican Hat and the San Juan River areas of southern Utah are close by, the bluffs and canyons of Kanab in Utah. Seriously, you'll be at the heart of the red rock desert areas, some of my favorite places on earth. http://jezebel.com/5912932/rape-on-indian-reservations-reaches-epidemic-proportions

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