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Ok so my teacher told me I needed to get good grades on the next 2 exams....I studied and failed SMH. I am possible failing out of nursing school its only the 1st 8 weeks :sniff:. I tried well enough I should have been doing my best though, I dont want to make excuses but I guess I'm posting just to future students to give it your best shot...I have 2 children work part time but you have to learn to prioritize b/c the workload is overwhelming to some(that would be me :) ) sad thing is we had the test on Tuesday(that I failed, 74 passing 80) and the final is today(thursday) I dont want to give up but I can't help to feel defeated. I have officially second guessed and half assed my way of of something that I love and to have to return to my dead end job is oh joy :banghead:

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I'm sorry your having a hard time.

The biggest thing is normally your gut or first answer is usually correct. Second guessing can kill your grades.

When will you find out your grade on the final?

I got an 82 80 is passing. I wanted an 88 but am grateful that I passed. I have to get a 92 or better on my skills final to stay that's on tuesday. I am just kicking myself, I tell u this is the most awful feeling ever knowing that I was the reason I failed smh but I'm not gonna give up I'm proud of my uniform n my badge that says pn student :) so I'm gonna give it all I have because I really wanna stay. Thanks for caring

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Your welcome.

Glad you passed.

Good luck on the skills. Let us know how it went.. =)

Heavens, I hope you make it. If not, take some time to regroup and start over again, either at this school or another one. At least you will have a better grasp of the reality of it when you start again. But hopefully you can pass you skills test and get things together now. Good luck.

I passed guys whoooo hooo she just told the people that were border line(that would be me) b/c the 2nd 8 weeks of fundamentals starts tomorrow and we have clinicals. The funny part is this is just the 1st 8 weeks we have 9 more months to go but I look forward to it and I'm happy I have this oportunity, maybe now I can sleep :). Thanks guys for the well wishes

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Yaaaaay for you! Breathe easy and take it one day at a time! Remember put more effort into each day, no more half way dragging your feet! :yeah:

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That's what I'm talking about!!! You go girl!!!:clpty:

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I am right there with you. This program goes by so fast and it's SO MUCH HARDER than I had anticipated. There is absolutely no room for slacking off. Congratulations on passing and keep up the good work!!! WOOHOO!!


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