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I am 26 years old I stopped school when I was 19 got married had 2 children currently 4 and 1. And with a lot of setbacks and let downs I'm finally going and I am too excited :)

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  1. bestcr

    So far so good!!

    Keep up the good work, I will be in the same situation in a month :) Congrats!!
  2. bestcr

    Failed Med Surg by a point :(

    I'm over my crying depressed hump didn't take too long :) if I want it I will not give up so I will be back next Jan hopefully acing what I didn't get a chance to this semester...I have something to prove to myself n my teacher. Thanks again
  3. bestcr

    Failed Med Surg by a point :(

    Thanks I think Imma go talk to her n see what happens. Feels like a dream can't shake this feeling smh. I don't want sympathy but I want/need/hope for the 1 point because I never gave up n I did my very best to pull myself out the whole. I would have rather failed with like 9,points away then one. I'm just gonna hope for the best hopefully I can go to the summer sessions n then it will be just 5 months....thanks for listening
  4. So I got my grade yesterday for med surg passing is an 80 my teacher gave me a 79. I am completely and utterly devastated. Some say I should talk to her others say if she felt I deserved it i would be passing. Asked if I could talk to her she said I could but don't know if I will be wasting my breath. She rounds up from .4 so if she gives me a 79.4 she can round to an 80 in my own fairy tale world :) My mid term grade I wasn't doing too hot she asked if I was gonna drop I decided not to n turned my grade around can I get a .4 for making a effort n giving it all I had(literally) if she only knew. Feel terrible that I have to sit out 9 months re do the agony of med surg for 1 point. Do yall think its worth talking about...just feeling lost any advice will be greatly appreciated....Thanks guys
  5. bestcr

    Graduating LPN school on 1/24!!

  6. bestcr

    I graduated today!

    That is awesome wish I was as determined/focused as you back at 17 :) .....Congratulations and best wishes
  7. I say if you want to be a nurse go for it....I'm 27 2 kids and a husband and its not easy never been but like you said you want to be successful just as much as you want to breathe I can 100% relate because thats how I feel. I'm doing the LPN program now like someone stated so that I can work while pursuing my RN degree. And maybe that can lessen your issues with the CNA job. I think your doing great so far and what I have learned is that the only person stands in the way of your dreams is you I wish you the best and good luck
  8. bestcr

    Anyone accepted to JSRCC 2010 LPN

    I think I got 9 from the point system
  9. bestcr

    Failing PN first 8 weeks

    I passed guys whoooo hooo she just told the people that were border line(that would be me) b/c the 2nd 8 weeks of fundamentals starts tomorrow and we have clinicals. The funny part is this is just the 1st 8 weeks we have 9 more months to go but I look forward to it and I'm happy I have this oportunity, maybe now I can sleep :). Thanks guys for the well wishes
  10. bestcr

    Failing PN first 8 weeks

    I got an 82 80 is passing. I wanted an 88 but am grateful that I passed. I have to get a 92 or better on my skills final to stay that's on tuesday. I am just kicking myself, I tell u this is the most awful feeling ever knowing that I was the reason I failed smh but I'm not gonna give up I'm proud of my uniform n my badge that says pn student :) so I'm gonna give it all I have because I really wanna stay. Thanks for caring
  11. bestcr

    I have LOST the will to study....

    I just posted something about failing b/c I was too overwhelmed b/c of this and that...if u want it make yourself study dont be like me glued to the computer waiting for my teacher to post the final exam grade because I am a half a point between failing and passing. Trust me it is the most awful feeling ever :) You seem like u have a pretty good study habit I say keep it up with that good luck
  12. Ok so my teacher told me I needed to get good grades on the next 2 exams....I studied and failed SMH. I am possible failing out of nursing school its only the 1st 8 weeks . I tried well enough I should have been doing my best though, I dont want to make excuses but I guess I'm posting just to future students to give it your best shot...I have 2 children work part time but you have to learn to prioritize b/c the workload is overwhelming to some(that would be me :) ) sad thing is we had the test on Tuesday(that I failed, 74 passing 80) and the final is today(thursday) I dont want to give up but I can't help to feel defeated. I have officially second guessed and half assed my way of of something that I love and to have to return to my dead end job is oh joy
  13. bestcr

    2nd Guessing :)

    Thanks...I guess I just have to go with my gut :)
  14. bestcr

    2nd Guessing :)

    I guess I dont really have anyone that understands nor has gone thru this but you guys so here it goes. I keep second guessing my self took a quiz and a test so far 75 math quiz and 84 test 80 is passing on both I could have gotten an A or high B on both test I had like 3 on the quiz and maybe 4 on the test that I knew the answer and straight changed it me and my eraser are best friends :) I'm overwhelmed b/c of usually life stuff and then to see what grade I could have had its just all discouraging. I dont know what to say or what advice to ask for I guess I have worked so hard to get to the LPN program I am siking my self out. It would be easier to get things wrong because I didnt know the answer(just my opinion) but to get it wrong b/c u changed the answer is even more crushing to my self esteem, I feel like I have a lot riding on this. Ok Vent over :)
  15. bestcr

    Is it to late for me to become a Nurse?

    My mom was like 37 when she graduated and became an LPN....30 is not too old as a matter of fact I dont think it is ever to late to do something u have a passion for. And for the nay sayers forget about them. There are people that think they know me and think I wont be able to handle this and that but I say thanks for your opinion and keep it moving. Not many can go to school and have all things paid for this is a perfect opportunity I say go for it and see if u like it :)
  16. Great story and a lesson i will take with me to nursing school, great inspiration. Congratulations