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i failed =(

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i took my nclex this morning and did the pvt trick went straight to cc details...i'm still hoping i'll pass when i get my official results...i am so depressed, i don't have any family here in the us, i have no one to talk to and it saddens me because everyone in my family depends on me, this was like make it or break it and i am just so hurt right now, i will keep on praying until i receive my official results...i am so heartbroken, confused and tired.....i studied hard was on kaplan...i dont know i am wishing so hard that i'll pass...it really breaks my heart that my son is so excited to see me as a future nurse he was excited for me to pass because as of now i don"t make that much, because he knew if i become a nurse i could save some money for a plane ticket back home, it really just breaks my heart, taht i wont be able to see them soon..i just hate to see the look of frustration and disappointment from my family everyone is expecting me to pass..

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt until you receive your official results, you deserve that much. Good luck.

thank you...i'll pray hard...

Did you do the Kaplan program or you just bought the book to study from? Im really sorry, I understand the feeling that your are going through at the moment.

i did the online program i studied for almost four mos...i was doing average on the qt's and qbanks...i'm so sorry for being like this i am just too devastated, the thought of failure is devastating...

Where you from? Don't loose hope. You can take the test as many times as you can..

did you study saunders? my nursing education was out of us.

for me: the kaplan didn't work. i took class and did qbank of online. i didn't pass.

now i am reading page to page of saunders book. this book is a good one.

don't give up!!

okay im so sorry to hear what u going thru, advice study saunders cd and book for a month..............i used just the cd on study mode and i made sure i knew all the rationale...............i was getting 50s sumtimes 60s but i didnt care, i went back to the book for more details on stuff i didnt know......i did 150question a day but i made sure i understood it................and pray cuz i asked God for just 75q and i got just 75q and i passed.............. SORRY TO SAY THIS I HATE KAPLAN WASTE OF MONEY AND BRAIN CELLS

Don't lose hope. Wait until you receive the official results though. Give yourself a break and then try to start reviewing again. I agree with zeroOO & OMOLARA...Saunders comprehensive is a great book.

It really stinks that you have to retake the test. Study from 2-3 books if you can and remember that it will be worth the struggle. good luck

thank you all for your support, i just found out, through pearson that i didn't pass, the pvt does really work, i cried hard , it's just devastating...i'll give myself a week to rest then i'll go back to studying...thank you all a lot..imo though the questions in kaplan are closer to the style of questions in nclex..any study tips though?

Where you from? Don't loose hope. You can take the test as many times as you can..

from philippines, but i'm currently in florida..

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If you registered with Florida you are limited to how many times you can sit the exam.

My suggestion once you have given yourself a short break is to start over as if you haven't tested before and practice questions. Read all rationales including ones you get right. Understand how the rationale is formed from the question. If you find an area you are struggling in when answering questions like Mental Health then read up on Mental Health before answering questions on that subject.

Do not rush to resit the exam

Sorry you didn't make it but don't loose hope. Keep practicing and studying.

Yes, you are limited to 3 tries until you are required to take a remedial class until you will be allowed to take it again. And these classes are expensive from waht I have heard. Not to discourage you, but make sure you give your studying some time. I suggest practicing and doing questions as much as you can.