Failed with 75, Passed with 75.


I just wanted to share my story a little bit about failing and passing the NCLEX. I went to a top nursing school in my state, and even managed to get done early. I was already given a job on a Neuro ICU floor before graduating. I did the Hurst review at my school and started my new job just a week after graduating. I was loving my job and learning lots, while at the same time studying the Hurst. I must have reviewed the Hurst several times along with all of their Q reviews. I did not use outside resources other than the Hurst. I failed the NCLEX in September 2016 with 75 questions, I was devastated. I was able to keep my job on the unit doing PCA work, I was miserable seeing all my fellow graduates around the hospital with me in different color scrubs. I was told to try UWORLD , and it saved my job! To me, the Hurst was nothing like the NCLEX and was just based on content. Content wasn't as important as knowing how to answer the NCLEX style questions. I knew the content; I didn't know how to answer what they were asking. I did all off the UWORLD questions which was about 2000 questions, and at about 600 questions I started to understand what the test was asking and my grades started to improve. my overall performance percentage was a 56%. On November 6 2016 I PASSED the NCLEX with 75 questions. I highly recommend using UWORLD, it looks just like the NCLEX.

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Welcome, and congratulations. :)