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Failed NCLEX 3 Times.. what next?

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I'm looking for advice! I just took my NCLEX for the 3rd time in the state of NH and failed. I thought this was going to be the time that I passed, but it wasn't. I graduated from a program (May 2013) that has lost accreditation multiple times, and from a program to which did not prepare me for the NCLEX, to say in the least. Many people from my class have yet to pass, and some are giving up. I am not willing to give up, but I just found out that I can only take the NCLEX 5 times in this state.

I currently work at a grocery store and have realized that this is not going to help me progress in my career of wanting to do nursing. I am in the process of applying for an NH LNA license and get a job with that so that I am in least within the field that I want to be in. I was also questioning whether I should try to take the exam for LPN and try to obtain that license, but I feel like this would be too much for me right now, to have to re-apply and sit down for the boards and have anxiety about needing to study for another test. And then what if I do all of that I don't pass the LPN exam? I am thinking that getting my LNA and getting a job with that is the quickest way I can get into the field, and that is my goal right now. I am putting my studying on hold, and trying to focus on getting a new job. Once this has happened, I will then figure out a new study plan, and research new study courses to take.

Just looking for opinions/advice from people as to whether this sounds like an appropriate plan for my situation?


I would definitely get a job in the field!! When you do pass, it will be so much easier to get an RN job!!

Sorry, by LNA I mean nursing assistant!

Keep your head up. You will pass your NCLEX at the right time. Please don't give up. Remember, the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong but to those who endures to the end.

If your school has issues with accreditation and some of your classmates are also concerned about being prepared for the boards, it may be worth the investment in a preparation course such as Kaplan or NCSBN. They take time and they can be pricey, but that may be the boost in knowledge and also in confidence to put you over the top and pass next time. I also wonder how you were at test taking in general during school. I had classmates who were very knowledgeable but test taking brought on extreme stress and they struggled to pass exams in school. In any event, I hope the next time is "the one."

Remember that God does not call the qualified.....instead He qualifies the ones He calls. Have faith in yourself. If you really want to be a nurse do not settle for anything less. You can get passed the NCLEX and be the nurse you were called to be. God bless you.


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