Failed NCLEX 1st Time. Discouraged and Scared to Take it Again


I took the NCLEX-RN the first time in the beginning of June, had 265 questions and took 4 ann 1/2 hours to complete it. I left there feeling horrible; and found out a day later I did not pass. Luckily the hospital I have a job at is holding my job for me, granted I pass the NCLEX the next time. I got my ATT to take it again two days ago, and still haven't scheduled my testing date. I'm terrified of taking it again and failing. I've never failed at anything in my life, and when this happened it was a HUGE blow to my self esteem. I'm having a hard time trying to study again, and haven't even started. My entire family is counting on me not to screw this up; as well as the hospital i'm supposed to start work at. I guess I'm just writing this to see if anyone has any advice for studying, or getting my confidence back. I know I need to do this, I know it's my calling to be a nurse; however i'm scared out of my wits to take it again. Please, someone, Help.


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I am taking my 1st boards this Thursday. At the end... people don't care how many times you took the test.. once you pass, you pass... I know 3 people who took NCLEX more than once (2 of them took 3 times) and they are excellent nurses... I wish you the best luck... Don't be too nervous... but I know how you feel.... hugs!

you are the good nurse and that's why people think you will def pass :)


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I know how you feel about not passing I took all of 265 good thing about that it means that you and I were close to passing so keep that in mind when you start to prepare. I didn't pass it at the end of june. 4 days later I picked myself right back up and studied even harder and I have been studyibg ever since every day non stop and I am going to retake my test next week. The things I am studying this time around is hurst, lacharity, saunders, and kaplan. You have to put away the hurt I understand how you feel it really does hurt but you can not give up. Get into a fighting mode to win against this test. Pick yourself up and strive to do better drop those fears let Go and Let God handle it. Good luck.


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What were the things that you used in studying? I highly recommend the KAPLAN COURSE. It costs money but it's all worth it. The sample questions on Kaplan were almost the same format as the NCLEX.


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Ok what you need to do is study the Saunders NCLEX RN Comprehensive Review (latest version of it). READ THE WHOLE BOOK MAKE SURE YOUR LISTENING AND UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU READ. this is really important because everything you need is in that book. You also should take a Kaplan Course for Nclex. Study from qbank. Now schedule your exam for 3 months later so you could have the best studying. Dont worry if you do what i say i think you will definetely pass! Now go study hard! Dont ever give up!


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First, Stop the pity party now....2 months is way to long to feel sorry for yourself. I failed on July 28th and I gave myself 5 days.. After 5 days pick my self up and looked forward....I made a plan. That is the first thing you need to do.....Yes you failed but that doesn't make you a failure....only you can make yourself a failure. I have a 4 kids and an unemployed husband as my motivation; if your family is counting on you then stop the silliness and get to work.

Second, Make a plan. Look at what you studied last time and either start again or use it to supplement more stuff. I did Kaplan online...I've decided this time around I'm going to redo the Diagnostics, Trainers and all of the Qbank questions. I'm also doing Saunders book - I'm loosely following the Suzanne plan; and I purchased the LeCharity book. Part of your plan should be how long each day your going to focus on studying. I've decided a minimum of 3 hrs and a max of 6hrs. I have take a day off every few days because family stuff has come up but other wise my job is studying.

Third, decide how long you want to give yourself to review the material again. I'm going to aim for September 20th but seeing that it might be another 2 weeks before I get my ATT I'm hoping for at least the end of September.

Fourth, Remember that you are not a failure. This test shouldn't define the great nurse your going to be so don't let it. Keep telling yourself you can do this. Is it hard some days sure...I do have a panic feeling every now and then and I just tell myself I made it through school and I can make it through a retake of the NCLEX!!!!

YOU GO GIRL!!!:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:nurse: