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  1. eve5483

    Deficiency from a surveyor

    I have a question, so... After I read some posts on here, online and from experiences... When a state surveyor finds deficiency, the facility gets deficiency not the nurse... for example, let's say nurse charted not enough or too much or let's say nurse made a mistake during med pass...etc... how come the facility gets deficiency but not the nurse? Can the nurse lose license from state survey? how does that work? Thank you... -new nurse-
  2. eve5483

    I had an interview today!!

    Thank you! :) I got the job. I am so nervous!!
  3. eve5483

    I had an interview today!!

    I think it went okay The manager and a charge nurse were interviewing me but the manager had to leave since she had a meeting after 20-30 mins. Is it a bad sign? I think I am usually really good at interviews but this time I don't have that good feelings. They did not tell me when they would contact me or anything like that- I am planning on following up on Friday, maybe thank you email :) ah.... I pray that I could get this job....
  4. I got a new job in a skilled nursing setting and left ALF facility :)
  5. So... I am the OP writer :) It has been almost a year (last May I got hired, took RN board in Aug, passed in one shot ) My director decided to stay a little longer and still is staying with me and mentoring me. It has been almost a year of training.. many things happened (missing resident, unexpected death, family issues, staffing issue, state visit, communicable disease report, sexual harrasement.. etc) WOW yes it has been GREAT! Good thing is , everyone loves me.. at least I think.. haha They gave me a choice of staying as an assistant or becoming a director.. After almost of a year of experience in management (as a new grad), I am still debating and decided to read this post again! I think I will stay as an assistant, and go back to school- I have BA in something else, associcate in nursing.. now bachelors :) Wish me luck and I always respect your opinion... !
  6. eve5483

    Taking NCLEX RN in 3 hours!!!

    I sent private email 'ilove' :)
  7. eve5483

    Taking NCLEX RN in 3 hours!!!

    I got the good pop up!!!
  8. eve5483

    Took my NCLEX-RN for 3rd time today

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I am waiting my result... I had 247 questions... ugh!
  9. eve5483

    Taking NCLEX RN in 3 hours!!!

    Ugh... I had 247 questions! It was killing me... I was at the point "I don't care.. just let me finish!!!" and I was just very disappointed how I did not have '75 questions' .. I was thinking I did really bad to get that many questions! I wasn't able to do PVT... what the heck?!
  10. eve5483

    Taking NCLEX RN in 3 hours!!!

    I hope I bring the good news! I know I am not ready but I have to believe in myself, right? I just cannot wait for tonight! Time to celebrate-
  11. eve5483

    SATA questions.. advice..?

    Okay, I am taking my RN boards tomorrow!!! I am thinking... there is no way I can pass with 20 something SATA questions... I keep practicing SATAs .. keep getting wrong .. and wrong.... Any advice?
  12. eve5483

    need prayers for my 3rd time....

    Wish you the best luck :)
  13. eve5483

    Way to remember donning and removing PPE

    Thank you!! gosh, I wasn't even thinking about PPE... kudos!
  14. eve5483

    Hesi exit exam

    I thought about what the question was asking rather than focusing on finding the answer... wish you the best luck :)