Deficiency from a surveyor


I have a question,

so... After I read some posts on here, online and from experiences...

When a state surveyor finds deficiency, the facility gets deficiency not the nurse...

for example, let's say nurse charted not enough or too much or let's say nurse made a mistake during med pass...etc... how come the facility gets deficiency but not the nurse?

Can the nurse lose license from state survey? how does that work?

Thank you...

-new nurse-

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The surveyor is representing an accrediting/regulatory agency whose resonsibility is facilities, not individual nurses. The site visit is to accredit/inspect the facility. Disciplinary action against a licensed nurse rests with the state board of nursing, which has no authority regarding health care facilities.


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Then why do all the nurses at my facility freak about about their visit? Can a nurse get fired for not following a protocol the right way? Will the DON know? Im a new RN and all this is very confusing to me! Thanks..


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The facility gets the ZING - not the individ nurse. But the facility then turns around and addresses the problem with the nurse responsible. Correction may range from counselling, to education/inservice to suspension and/or termination, depending on the facility's decision. And the facility must respond with an acceptable Plan of Correction on how it plans to address the problem.

Facilities take deficiencies super seriously. The facility can be CLOSED to admissions, be denied financial reimbursements for services past provided, be closed on the spot and all pts transferred OUT. AND A WHOLE LOT MORE.

Nurses should be doing their jobs correctly as they were taught in school, in accordance with the facility's Policies & Procedures, and

within the scope of their Nurse Practice Act. You know the rules ... good technique, oboservation of Pt Rights & Safety, infecton control, etc etc.