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  1. iAmRN424

    Failed NCLEX 1st Time. Discouraged and Scared to Take it Again

    What were the things that you used in studying? I highly recommend the KAPLAN COURSE. It costs money but it's all worth it. The sample questions on Kaplan were almost the same format as the NCLEX.
  2. iAmRN424

    for those studying Nclex-RN exam and already passed

    I take notes while reading the rationales. Then I read and study my notes about 2 times so the information will stick well. :)
  3. iAmRN424

    Kaplan QBank-QTrainer

    i agree with nrsnikster. i took the kaplan course and had almost the same results you have. numbers can be deceiving.. the most important thing is you learn a lot from doing the practice questions in kaplan. kaplan prepared me well on my nclex. kaplan has the same format as the nclex.. i passed my boards 3 months ago with 75 questions. :)
  4. iAmRN424

    wants to give up

    PRAY whole-heartedly and ask for guidance from Him. He will guide you. Have Faith. :)
  5. iAmRN424

    Nclex Question

    Kaplan strategy book and the cd. I find Saunders pretty useful as well and has harder questions than NCLEX 4000 and Comprehensive review for NCLEX-RN: Reviews & Rationales by Mary Hogan.
  6. iAmRN424

    Passed on my 4th TRY! Thank YOU G-d!

    :ancong!: WELL DONE! :)
  7. iAmRN424

    Kaplan question...

    Get the Kaplan Course. That would be your best bet in reviewing for your NCLEX. I took Kaplan and i also have the kaplan strategy book. Im not sure if the cd that comes with the book has the same content as the qtrainer 6&7.
  8. iAmRN424

    Saunders, Kaplan, LaCharity.. Should I add ExamCram?

    Those are a lot of books to read. When i was studying for my NCLEX, i watched the hurst review videos and study my notes from the videos; did a lot of questions from kaplan qbank and i made sure that i understood the rationales; and did a couple of saunders questions coz i was running out of qbank questions. Kaplan prepared me well.
  9. iAmRN424

    Kaplan? Hurst?

    Get the Kaplan course. It works wonders and it is all worth it. I took the Kaplan course, ended up doing 75 questions on NCLEX and passed on my first try. :)
  10. iAmRN424

    California NCLEX & Quick Results.

    When you get the GOOD POP on the PVT, you definitely PASSED it. All those people I talked and got the good pop passed. I got the good pop and I passed. A friend of mine from CA did the PVT trick, got the good pop and passed. :)
  11. iAmRN424

    Got a 61 on qtrainer 7. nclex ready?

    Taking the NCLEX is about confidence, not about those Kaplan scores. When you are confident, you can pass the NCLEX without a doubt. Good Luck! You can do it! :)
  12. iAmRN424

    Got a 61 on qtrainer 7. nclex ready?

    you are ready! go for it! :) good luck!
  13. iAmRN424

    Taking NCLEX for first time

    How did you guys study for the NCLEX? I took the Kaplan Course. It costs me 400 bucks but it's all worth it. Kaplan prepared me well on my NCLEX. I ended up doing 75 questions. :w00t:NCLEX is not a knowledge-based test. It's more on Application and Analysis. With the Kaplan Course, I did 94% of the Q-Bank.. I took all the Question Trainers (There are 7 Question Trainers).. I did at least 100 questions a day. I had a month to prepare for my NCLEX. I took notes on the rationales and read them. I made flashcards on the Medications. I also watched the HURST Review Videos and took notes while watching the videos. The HURST Review videos are great for you to have a good grasp on the basic things that you need to know. I read ALL my notes 3 times, 2 days before the "BIG Day". The day before the "Big Day", I just relaxed and watch a movie. How did the test go for you? The test went great for me. Kaplan prepared me for the NCLEX. Even how the questions were worded on the Kaplan was similar to the NCLEX, so there were no surprises. If the computer is going to throw you Evaluation Questions, Select All That Apply questions, and Priority questions.. then you are in the good track. :) I had a lot of those questions when I took my test. How can I reduce my anxiety? Study and PRAY. Anxiety lessens when you studied hard coz you are confident that you know your stuffs. Prayer is powerful as well. Ask for Guidance. :) DO NOT, I repeat.. DO NOT study on the day before the exam. It will make you more anxious. Just RELAX and watch a movie or something. I hope this helps. Good Luck! You can do it! :)