I suppose my story isn't much different than someone else's in my position but somehow it feels more tragic when it happens to you...

I graduated May 5, 2014 from my ADN program. I began (seriously) studying for the NCLEX about two-three weeks after graduating mostly using the NCSBN course online. I reviewed content and did what felt like quite a few questions. After rescheduling a few times for various reasons and just scaring myself out of it once, I finally took the NCLEX on July 19.


I was actually grateful that it took me past 75 because I wasn't confident on at least the first 50 so I was happy and relieved that it was giving me a chance to prove myself. I mean I graduated nursing school with decent grades (A's & B's) and I studied, I know the basics of patient care and can answer questions about it, right?!?


265 questions and was near the passing standard in every category. Sorry, you almost know how to be a nurse but not yet. FAIL.

Early August I finally sucked it up, resubmitted my application and reapplied to Pearson as well as took a Kaplan class that I had to put on my credit card. I have my ATT now and currently have my exam scheduled for September 24.


So much so that studying is terrifying me now, I can't concentrate. I've taken the first 3 Q-Trainers on Kaplan and am only scoring in the 60s! That can't be the passing standard. I took today to breathe and reevaluate my study plan. I'm also going to be reviewing LaCharity PDA along with Kaplan since prioritization seems to be a weak point of mine and I've heard it's a great review source.

My question is should I reschedule my exam for a later date or just stick to my plan and focus solely on NCLEX for the next three weeks? I really can't afford to take it a third time (financially or mentally).

Any study tips or advice you can give would be SO appreciated.

I've done my best to look at this as a learning experience and only a delay to the start of my career, it's not the worse thing in the world, although the week after I failed sucked and I fully indulged in a pity party, complete with chocolate fudge brownie icecream.

One of my main problems is I don't know what to do different this time around. My CPR was next to no help since I almost passed everything and I won't get the same type of questions. Or I'll get the same type but different content. I almost wish there was an area that I was awful at so that I would know where to focus. I'm not sure where to direct my energy. Should I focus on content or do more questions this time around?

NCSBN seemed very content oriented.

Any second timer success stories? Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like they're going crazy after this.... :unsure:


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60% on Kaplan is pretty good. Their "passing standard" is to aim for 65% on trainers 1-5 and 60% on 6 and 7. And supposedly hitting those means you have a very good chance of passing. And if you read the threads plenty of people have passed with Kaplan scores in the high 50s


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i failed the first time with 265 questions. The second time I passed with 75.

I believe your Kaplan scores are good. Make sure you read all the rationales to see how the right answer came to be. Strengthen your content by reading the entire Kaplan course book once. Also review what you read by watching Kaplan content lecture videos. Do all the Q bank and Q trainers in test mode. When you do Q trainers pretend you are on the actual NCLEX. take breaks but do not stop the test until you finish.

You will pass I wish you all best.


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I also failed first time with 265 questions. 2nd time test stopped at 75. I felt very confident I passed but here I am 8 days later and my name still isn't on ca brn. im going crazy. I just want to know one way or another. I know someone who took test same day and his name appeared on brn after 3 days. everyone says dont stress but easier said then done.


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I failed the first time with 265 questions, this was in July. I just took my NCLEX again 2 days ago, and found out today that I passed. The second time the pc shut off at 75 questions...

The first time I registered for Kaplan and used the Kaplan book. I practiced a lot of questions and was usually in the 50's. The second time, I used Saunders, LaCharity, NCSBN Nclex review and Kaplan strategy book 2013-2014. I had 6 weeks to study and I came up with a study plan. I made sure I finished the Saunders book in 6 weeks, I finished Lacharity in like a week,for NCSBN review I registered 3 weeks before my exam date. I highly recommend Saunders if you're weak in content. The book is well organized with different sections like OB, fundamentals, peds, mental, adult etc. They also have meds for each section! I also realized that I study better when there are pictures and colors which the Kaplan book didn't have. For NCSBN review, I focus mainly on the practice questions and it really helped and I think it's harder than the real NCLEX exam. If you're strong in content, then you should get Kaplan because Kaplan mainly focuses on testing strategies (which didn't help me the first time). I realized I was weak in content so I used Saunders.


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i took my nclex rn for the 4th times, i reached 265 and i failed..i am so frustrated and feeling so down.. more SATA and delegations and prioritizations and me pls, i want to retake again, i used lippincott, mosy and saunders.


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I have just taken my nclex today for the second time around. And did the pvt and found out I failed again (my payment went all the way through, my card has been charged). so now im waiting on the official results to tell me I failed. I am beyond devastated and exhausted.i used Kaplan, saunders, and la charity. I am at a complete loss. and out $200.


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I believe in saying "it doesn't matter how many times you get there, what matters is you get there"

I recently passed the NCLEX with 265 questions, and this is not my first, or second. It was my 5th attempt but I did it. I don't care what other people will say about how many times I took it, for some it's too many attempt, but for me I never give up because I know that I will be a good nurse one day. Like they have said, you finish nursing school, and you will pass nclex.

What I did differently this time was purchased the Lippincott Prep U Nclex 10,000. Did about 4000 questions, and I think this helps me with practicing NCLEX style question. Also look up Prep U pass point, they are a bit pricey but they offer a 2wk trial and you can practice nclex question and it will tell you if you pass or not at the end of the test. I did almost all of the expensive review course but this one saved my life.

Make sure to pray before you study and ask Him to give you guidance and enough strength so you can study productively. Keep your heads up, you can do this. If I did it, so can you :yes: