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I am going to share my story, sorry for the long post. . . . .

Failing the NCLEX left me feeling very lost. Before taking the NCLEX I turned to other nurses for their input on the exam, all of them said they passed with the 75 questions. When I went to take the test I was waiting for the 75 questions, once question 76 hit my stomach dropped and my heart raced. I was filled with frustration and anger, where did I go wrong? I walked out of the exam feeling like a failure, I know everyone says this, but I knew in my heart it was not my day. I am not going to tell you how many questions I had or what type of questions were asked. I listened to all the talk about the NCLEX and I believe it hindered me from passing the examination.

When I recieved the results two days later my gut feeling was right. They put the results so nicely, failed is all it read. I stared at the screen for a while, I couldn't believe this happened. The failing results left me feeling as though someone died in my family. I would never wish anyone ever have to feel how I felt that day.

I wish I brave enough to tell more people I failed so those that do would not feel alone as I do. I have a great support system, my parents, fiance, and friends are all behind me and support me. For some reason I still feel low and in a haze.

I went to the bookstore today to look for study books. I just flipped through them and became frustrated, I do not know where to go from here. I did Kaplan before taking it the first time, I was getting low scores on the question trainer and q bank. I think I need to sutdy more on how to answer the questions.

I know once I pass my self esteem will go up, but right now it has been shot down. My confidence has been shattered. I know I need to pick myself up and start being positive, I am just having a hard time doing it. I have 21 days till I retake it. I will keep you posted.


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I just took mine today and it was the hardest exam I have ever taken. I have to agree that listening to others is not good. All anyone said to me was the IT WAS HARD, so I studied well. I think I was tachycardic the whole time but somehow kept myself calm. In a couple of days I will know...

Thank you for sharing your feelings. You can do this!


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I have faith in you. It is a VERY hard test and it all depends on the questions you are asked. Others might of had easier questions or got lucky on their answers!! You got to have faith in yourself and know you can do this. Others, including myself, are in the same boat you are!! Don't feel alone!! I failed my first time and I felt like quitting cuz I was the only one in my class to fail so far. Took it again and did worse and failed again!!! Everything happens for a reason and passing NCLEX the next time around will be such a HUGE accomplishment and be way awarding!! I take mine the third time on July 8th!! Good luck to you!!


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I recently took my NCLEX and did not see my name on the BRN website, so I figured I failed. I felt this 'sunken and hollow' feeling. It was terrible.... then I remembered that I received a letter from the BRN telling me that my file is incomplete. I researched the NCBSN site; I found out that BRN does not post results for incomplete files (i read threads of them here as well). Contacted my school which they sent the file I needed. Now the waiting period is excruciating. Wish me luck. I know in my gut that I did my best.. you will do well. All the best!


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All i have to say

faith in GOd

One of the Pastor Joel Osteen, says every time

Today is friday but dont forget that sunday is coming too....

Its means things are not favouring u at this time, u r not passing ur exam so friday is going for u.

But soon u will pass this exam and become proudly nusre because dont forget that sunday is coming too.


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The waiting period is the worst, it is torture! I am sure it will pay off, keep positive thoughts!


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I take mine tomorrow to, good luck to you, all of you :)

Just out of curiosity....what were your QT scores like? I take the exam in 5 days......


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hey guys, I found out that I passed today after two weeks of waiting (due to incomplete file), this was prior to going to my first day of work... it feels awesome! just believe in yourself and all the best to those who have yet to take! thanks for all the kind words..


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My QT scores were not great in the 50-60%. Now that I am studying to take it a second time I am using another approach. Last time I was taking the QT with a lot of distractions, I think the key is to take them like they are the NCLEX. I am also looking up questions I don't know while doing the QT to better understand content.

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One thing they kept drilling in our head in Kaplan was NOT to go in there expecting only 75 questions, because once you hit #76 you may start panicking and losing focus. When you retest, go in expecting to sit for the full 265--then when you get let out early, it's a pleasant surprise.

And you're right--another key thing is to answer test questions as though you were actually sitting for the test--no distractions, telephone calls, going to check the e-mail, etc. That was hard for me to do myself, so I can symphatize.

At least you'll know what to expect from the test when you take it again, and they should be sending you a breakdown of how you performed so you know what your weak areas were and you can focus on them. And you're doing a wise thing by looking up stuff as you review the test--do it even if you got the question right but weren't sure about the content.

Good luck taking it again--you CAN do this!


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Thanks for the encouragement! Two more weeks today, I can not wait to take it again and become an RN!

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