Failed NCLEX after 75 Q's! Please help!


I need some advice please! I studied super hard for the NCLEX for about 6-7 weeks and failed after 75 questions :( NIGHTMARE!

I think I need to take a review course but can't decide which is the best one. HURST? KAPLAN? HELP!! Any advice about potential improvements would be great!

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Welcome to AN! The NCLEX forum has many threads about others' experiences with the various review options. This forum can be accessed by clicking on the Students link in the yellow bar at the to of the screen and scrolling through the list of forums until you find the one for NCLEX discussions.

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I have moved your post to the NCLEX forum to encourage maximum responses.


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Used Uworld!!!!!


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I know how u felt use uworld I just found out about it on this forum. I bought the one month review for 50 bucks .if I had done uworld I would not have failed the first time.good luck


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Read my post:

I suggest doing Hurst online and repeatedly review the Fill-in book as well as the resource page

Complete the Hurst questions then move onto the free two week NCLEX rn trial you should reach a level 8 on all the exams, don't waste your time on the quizzes. Do at least 50-300 questions during those two weeks (exam-mode)

Last but not least NCLEX rn UWORLD which allows you do think higher then the NCLEX exam. Try the free one week trial and extend the trial to however length of time you need. I used tutor mode most of the time

Overall I did 3500 questions in 2.5 months, using all three resources also including 5 chapters from the PDA book. I wanted to use different programs and not just settle for one.


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RnTweety.....Just curious...did you do any content review or questions only?

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Hurst review was the way for me. Great content foundation. Passed in 75 on first try.


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I did content first with Hurst then questions totaling 3500 from hurst, passpoint then UWORLD. I read from Saunders intro in their book that its best to do 3500-4000 questions before NCLEX.