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Failed NCLEX 2nd time

kcrisanti kcrisanti (New) New Student

Hey everyone,

So I just found out that I failed my NCLEX for a 2nd time today. I'm really upset but I'm not ready to give up. I've been using UWorld, Kaplan and Nurse Achieve to study along with following the Mark K audios. I'm not sure where else to look for help to get me to pass the next time. I had all 130 questions and walked out feeling totally defeated.

What other programs should I look into to help me pass!


Hi, I have no suggestions as to what programs but I am just here to offer you some encouragement. Just keep going, you will get there one day.

so sorry to hear that. Keep pushing! I am using nurseachieve right now. I'm going to retake for a 3rd time. How did you do with the practice CAT mock exams on nusrseachieve? I used UWorld and Klimek the 2 first times. I was close to passing, but didn't. So I'll be taking it my 3rd time. What did you notice when you took the exam this time? Was it hard for you? Did the questions seems vague? Did you feel like you couldn't answer the questions that were given to you? Were they subjects you had never heard of? Because that's how I felt my 2nd try at NCLEX RN! LOL So you're not alone. Keep pushing!

Have you tried nursing.com? They have the NCLEX prep program with 2,4,6 and 8 weeks study schedule. They also have a lot of NCLEX questions and adaptive test. Nursing has a lot of video contents and it might help you drill down the contents.

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I’m in the same boat when I took lvn I passed first time doing Saunders book n that’s what I’ll be doing now because UWorld n mark doesn’t cover everything

anyone tried Feuer nursing review?

I'm using nurseachieve because they are giving a 30day free trial no credit card needed due to covid. It's actually pretty good! They have unlimited CAT Mock exams! I've veen taking 2 a day. The rationales are good and they even list their resources in every rationale. They use several reputable textbooks and resources for their QBank. It's FREE to use for 30 days! Just use the code fres30 when your register.


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I felt like UWorld helped prepare me well because of the rationales for each answer. Beyond that, UWorld gives you additional context outside of the answers they provide. It also mimics the test format which helped me stay calm during the actual exam.

Make sure you understand WHY you got the questions wrong. Was it: you didn't know the content in the question or an answer, you changed your answer, you misread the question, you didn't understand the question type, you had to guess? etc. Keep a tally on each quiz or assessment you take. Look through all of your wrong answers and determine what category of "why you got it wrong" it fits under. For me, my top two categories were lack of knowledge on specific content and misreading the question. Knowing this, I came up with ways to avoid misreading any questions. Over time, I found that each following assessment I had fewer and fewer wrong questions due to misreading. If it's a content issue... look at your wrong answers, pick out a FEW key/major content areas that you SHOULD have known..now brush up on those topics. Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to know EVERY detail. Cramming won't help.

Also, make yourself a word document and make a list of commonly tested lab values, drugs with narrow therapeutic ranges (ie. digoxin, valproic acid, dilantin), and S/S of both hyper/hypo (Na+, K+, Ca+, and Mg+).

Best of luck, I believe in you!


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Im not sure how you are using all of your study resources but I really think if anything, you should focus on one. I used UWorld and I did ALL of the questions probably 4 times over. I would suggest going through all of them first and answering all of the honestly, no matter how many you get wrong. This way, you eliminate the time spent on your right answers and can focus on the ones you got wrong. The second time, I just went through the wrong answers again but wrote it down on a piece of paper the rationale. Writing it out helps for better memorization and I could also read back through it at a later time and I could carry the piece of paper with me wherever I was going. Eventually as you continue to cut back on your wrong answers, you'll notice that more information will stick.

You should look into the virtual trainer with Remar Nurse. Good luck and don't give up

Rather than trying to memorize every little thing. I would focus on learning how to answer the questions. How I study was I did 75 questions each day from UWorld and tried to understand why I missed the questions I did. I also listened to Mark Kliemk audios. As I was listening to his lectures I was writing down notes on the side. I tried to go over them every day so it will stick!

You are not alone! I believe you can do it! don't lose hope! I understand what you are feeling right now. The stress, the pressure, the sadness. I didn't pass on my first try! AND the pressure and burden was too much for me to handle. Do little by little each day and you will for sure pass on your next try!