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    HPU Fall 2020

    I personally lived close enough so I could use those Bike bikes, I paid 15 dollars a month for unlimited 30 minute rides so if you live close enough, I would highly recommend that. There is a parking garage at WaterFront plaza and I know it can be pricey if you don't follow the "algorithm" to avoid it. A lot of my friends drove so this is what they did. Most of the food shops and the bar in the center of the plaza offer validation. I think it would validate for a certain amount of time so maybe at the most you would have to pay like 5-10 dollars. I apologize it has been a while so my memory is a bit foggy of it, but I know if you are smart with validation and knowing which places offer more time for validation (would highly recommend grabbing a drink or food at the bar in the middle of the plaza because they have the most time for validation), you can save money. On another note, there are a few parking garages within the area that offered parking spots for like 100-200 dollars a month, pricey but honestly if you're driving from far away or are often late, it can reassuring to know you have a spot and its taken care of. let me know if you have any more questions!
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    New Grad program with pregnant

    Talk with the interviewer for their input!