Failed Nclex Dec. 6th. Need Advice


Hello all! I took my NCLEX Dec 6th and found out yesterday i had failed at 144 questions. I was so upset because I did kaplan questions religiously and would score at least in the 70s. But when it came to the nclex i feel like nothing i have been studying for was on the nclex!. I had 7 sata questions in the first 10 questions and then like 50 after that. I am terrible at sata! Im feeling really discouraged. Is there anyone who has any advice on the best way to study or what to study? Clearly kaplan didnt work for me :(

Thank you so much in advance!

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The Hurst review is highly recommended, that might be helpful. I used the Saunders book to review, and I did a lot of practice questions. When you get your results, focus on those areas where you were weakest. Also, for SATA, treat each element as a true/false question, that might help. Good luck!


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thank you for your recommendation! i have the hurst and saunders book, but was told kaplan was the way to go. This time ill try those!

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Personally, I did not use the Kaplan review. I used Saunders for my review and also used the NCLEX 4000 program for practice questions. Basically I reviewed some content but mostly I learned to look for any key words and phrases in the questions and answers that might clue me in to what the correct or more correct answer should be.

The other thing to remember is that you've passed nursing school. You have the background info to pass. The fact that it took the computer 144 questions to determine you failed means that you were fairly close to the passing standard line for a good portion of the exam. Also, as stated above, SATAs are not that difficult. Just treat each and every answer element as a true/false question that must be entirely true for it to apply. Once you approach SATAs from that perspective, suddenly it becomes easier to grasp. They're really just 4 or 5 T/F questions...

For now, take some time off for yourself. Wait for the Candidate Performance Report to arrive and that will show you the areas where you need to study. Once you've got that info in hand, use that to develop a study plan, stick to it, (don't overload your brain) and schedule your next exam when you figure you'll be ready.

You've seen the Elephant now. It shouldn't be too scary or intimidating for you next time!


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It's good to take a look at you CPR that way you'll see what your focus in study should be this time around.