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I took the nclex again 2 weeks ago and failed. Did all 205 questions. Studied my best and gave it my best and still failed. Been out of school for a year. At this point I'm feeling hopeless :( what would you guys recommend doing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

hello! I know i'm late, but I wanted to know if you ever passed NCLEX?


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keep trying. give up NONE! Prayer-Father in the name of Jesus. you know this person's heart and the desire to pass this exam. Please grant this. Let the nursing glorify you . Thank you. Amen.


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I just took the NCLEX_PN and had to answer all 205 questions and got the cc payment. Waiting but think I failed any tips on how to pass successfully

what is your email, I can send you a study guide =]

Remember: never ever ever give up, giving up is not an option. You got this.


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Hi I am going to take exam on september 2013 for nclex Pn, Can you suggest what Books to review, I have Saunders yellow book. Can you please send me study guides, thank you so much my email [email protected] tnx so much..


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would you send me too study guide? thanks just post. greatly appreciated

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