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Thanks all for the advice. I am taking all of the replies to heart. It is good to see others who have been through the same thing. I have really improved since failing the test.

Well Bean I did fail the 105 test. I hope it gets better. I talked to a teacher and she told me to keep looking over Maslow and Erickson and don't give up. So I say the same to you. Don't give up.


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A lot of people in my class failed their first test. We have to score an 80 to pass. I scored a 77.5 and was totally bummed out. One of the LPNs who is in my class scored a 60. She, as well, was feeling discouraged. However, I think our instructor recognized that we were all beating ourselves up about it and gave us all a talking to about studying, studying, studying....and then softening it by telling us not to kick ourselves over it; not to dwell on it but to move forward. What she said clicked. Anyhoo, my next nursing class is Monday after this coming Monday. I intend to be ready and able.

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Originally posted by mrsadkins

Also, you may want to check out a book called "Test Taking Success for Beginning Nursing Students" 3rd Ed. Feb. 2000 - Authors are Vitale and another woman but her name escapes me right now.

It breaks down the Multiple Choice question and what to look for as far as wording, "Distractor" Answers, the nursing topics covered like the Nursing Process, meds., etc. It has a ton of sample problems and for each problem it tells you which is the correct answer and why and also why the incorrect answers are not correct.

Nugent and Vitale...this book is great. Helped me tremendously my first semester and I still use it. Published by F.A. Davis (of course LOL).


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Just remember when looking at the questions that in the test's world there is a "perfect medical world". You will have time for everything, all supplies are right there in easy reach, unless stated otherwise the pt is cooperative, there is plently of staff, ect.

Also do not go by your own experiences. The test does not care what happened to you, your family members or a friend. It does not care what you saw happen to a pt if you are a CNA, ect. It only cares about the textbook answer.


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originally posted by cardiotrans

...... dont read anything into the question you are trying to answer...... and remember text book answers....... not real world........

cardio trans, absolutely wonderful advice!

bangingplates, i agree, don't beat yourself up but keep pushing forward.


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Sounds like you learn fast. Some of us have to keep repeating our mistakes before we learn. Congrats.


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Thanks again all. I have taken everyone's advice, and I do believe I will do better. I am actually studying right now,but needed to take a break. So I once again thank everyone who responded.


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In my school anything under an 80% is failing. On my first exam I scored 76%.

All I can say is don't panic.

With a little harder work I scored a 96% on my second exam to put myself right back into the passing category and with our third exam I am hoping to raise my average in the class up to an A.

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