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Facial hair?

by Nathan_Brody Nathan_Brody (New) New

Are male nurses allowed to have facial hair? Just wondering because I usually grow a beard in the winter time during hunting season......that ride to the duck blind can be pretty rough on your face,lol.

I am still doing clinicals for my BSN (graduating in May :smiley_aa ) and I have had my beard for the past two semesters. I have asked several of my instructors if it would be a problem, but none of them discouraged me from wearing it.

Before starting nursing school, however, I worked as a nursing assistant in the OR. During my orientation in the hospital, I was told I would not be able to be fitted for a respiratior with the beard on. Since I had close patient contact, that would be important, so I shaved it off.

I am still not sure what a fellow with a beard, nurse or otherwise, is suppose to do if he had to deal with a TB patient. So, if anyone found a way to work around that, I'd like to know!


Unfortunately, the N-95s need to be fitted without the beard..........

Havin' A Party!, ASN, RN

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Both male profs in our program sport moustaches.

Several nurses at my hospital also. FWIW, none have full beards. Two docs do.


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I have a goatee that I keep trimmed short (OR nurse). As long as my test fit was ok, no problem. :)


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I wear a goat- but keep it short to fit into a duck mask. I used to wear a beard and had to use "the hood". It's a positive pressure "helmet" like HAZMAT teams wear. It was a big pain to wear and frightened some patients.

Wearing a full beard.

Must wear a positive pressure hood for airborn bacteria situations but this only happens a couple time a year wear I work. I'd shave if it became a problem.

Walter :redbeathe

I feel I'm missing out in this forum/chat...I'd love to be able to grow facial hair so I can take part in this chat. LOL Seriously though, in the placements I have been as a student here in good ol New Zealand it appaers that goatees are about as far as a man can go, for the reasons mentioned already



I have a trimmed goatee, i work in icu and no-one has ever mention the issue to me here in the uk. My personal feeling is a well trimmed and clean facial groom poses little infection risk. Now, changing the subject a bit. I've onlt just noticed my scrubs fall back off the shoulders, my shoulder hair is on show and i wondered has anyone considered a back wax? my girlfriend, and several nurses say i should!!!!! :stone

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I have worked ER and home health with a goat for years. Before I was a nurse I worked in the OR as an anesthia tech. I had a full beard then. The NM issued an edict that all male personel were to be clean shaven siteing (sp?) a bogus study. Long and short of it we said that if the docs don't have to shave why should we? The issue was dropped, have had a goat ever since :D .


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Since I work on a respiratory floor and TB admits are common, I choose to stay clean-shaven. I absolutely hate wearing PAPRS, and much prefer the N-95.

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I wear a moustache, which fits comfortably inside a mask and looks darned good without one. On a few occassions I've had to wear a cap to deal with patients with parasites. Next time, I really intend to remember a paper mask, as well. So far, I haven't acquired any passengers, but I do find myself scratching my upper lip and wishing I'd worn a mask.

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