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  1. Owen

    Blood cultures from Alines?

    We only take BC from brand new art lines. Whats the difference between an open and closed curcuit? We use sets with a three way tap, open or closed?
  2. Owen

    Looking for a friend in the UK

    Oh yeah of course the brill city of liverpool, a bloody good night out but watch your wheels, only kidding!!
  3. Owen

    Discontinuing Feeding Tubes...

    Biznurse wanted our opinions but in typing "husband" has already given hers. Heres my 2cents worth, the law in the UK and the US are pretty straight forward and if the medic team with or without the next of kin's consent can, upon justification, provide a do not resusitate order. When a patient is veg or comatose its a different kettle of fish to actually remove life sustaining intervention. Now this is what gets me about these fanatical pro life christians (by the way I'm Catholic), they argue only God has the right the remove life, but here's the thing if no medical intervention was provded to terri upon her crash she would have died anyway. Putting a plastic tube into her stomach to sustain her meanless life is not a Godly thing. Remove the man made intervention and God does His bit, He takes Terri out of her suffering, a very christian move.
  4. Owen

    Looking for a friend in the UK

    Hi there to all nurses wanting to sample the british way of life, you're extremely welcome. A couple of things to consider I think; Would you consider buying a car without test driving it? I strongly recommend doing some reseach on the nhs website finding the hospitls in the areas you're interested in staying contact them and arrange a fact finding trip. Whilst on the trip you can then visit probable accomodation, find out about transport, work out the costs, get a feel for the place and then make your mind up based on your findings. Remember London is NOT the UK, it is a very unique city that has lots pros and cons, but have you considered other exciting cities that make up this country, you have Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh for a start that are all quite individual and may suit you more?? Just my two cents worth!!
  5. Owen

    Facial hair?

    I have a trimmed goatee, i work in icu and no-one has ever mention the issue to me here in the uk. My personal feeling is a well trimmed and clean facial groom poses little infection risk. Now, changing the subject a bit. I've onlt just noticed my scrubs fall back off the shoulders, my shoulder hair is on show and i wondered has anyone considered a back wax? my girlfriend, and several nurses say i should!!!!! :stone
  6. Owen

    Men's sexualality in Nursing

    OK, I'm pretty stunned at this thread, but here it goes. Firstly I respect your comments, you have a right to think of us anyway you want, but I hope you understand the quick angry response from a workforce tired of fighting against long hours, poor pay, bad working environment and bigoted/prejudiced views. With the main question, at work I am not male/female, not catholic/muslim/baptist etc, not pro life/gun supporter etc, not liberal/conservative. I AM A NURSE!!!!!!!! If you are pulled out of a car wreck not only are all the personell involved of both sexes, they couldn't give a damn about if you are any of the above too, you are a person who needs care/help and we will provide it to you to the very best of our abilities. As to my dangerous and all powerful sexual urges, think about your sons and husband, so do they pull over and grab the nearest female worker/passer by during their workday because they cannot suppress the sexual desires? If they can't i guess you'll get a knock at the door very soon! For me personally as I said before, when I pull on my uniform, I am Nurse. Yes, i will think that various people/colleagues/patients I meet during my day will/will not be attaractive but will NEVER be 'pulling various people's legs apart to do interesting medical things'. The cleaner wouldn't like it !!!
  7. Owen

    Male Chest Hair and Scrub Tops

    cast my vote, and as a male with a hairy chest i would say let it all hang out, its too damn hot to wear anything underneath. anyway i am sure when i bend over and my top opens the female nurse i'm working with is not distracted, just as when they bend over and i stare down their cleavage, i'm not distracted!!
  8. Owen

    What kind of nursing do you do????

    newly qualified RN working in ICU wondering should I have really done ER!!
  9. Owen

    New Guy here, I'm considering nursing as a profession

    Hi Nathan, Nursing is a very big step and thru forums like this one and looking yourself in the mirror you will be able to decide if its for you. I had a friend who joined my rn class and then decided that he wanted to remain hca (uk equiv as lpn), nursing has many options. The post of dougb61 is to be taken seriously I've seen too many bitter and twisted nurses on the job. Remember tho if you get to that state please leave nursing, the patient is bound to suffer from your cynical views. At the end of the day, no matter what technology and fancy gizmos we have in work, cleaning of a patient of many bodily fluids and waste in their hour of need is one of the core core nursing skills required. And many a time i have received lots of emotional and heartfelt thanks from them.