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If it were me, I'd show up for the interview with a neatly trimmed beard, ask during the interview about the employer's policy about facial hair, and volunteer that I'd be happy to shave the beard if necessary.

Actually it is illegal for employers to have policies against beards as it could target those who wear beards for religious reasons such as the Orthodox Jews. If you have a beard they are required to provide you with a PAPR instead of fitting you for N95

Not illegal at all. It is illegal if they won't let you have a beard for no reason, but respirators are a legal ground for not allowing an employee to have a beard just to have one.

Ever seen a fire fighter with a full beard? Nope, because they cannot wear a SCBA correctly with a full beard (which is why you see many firefighters with huge mutton chops and mustaches, since those areas are not in contact with the mask).

edit: I see Esme12 answered this already, guess I need to look at page 2 before replying ;)


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A neatly trimmed beard should be no problem in the interview process' date=' and it is possible to pass fit testing with a beard. Everytime I've been fit tested, I've passed, and with a goatee or beard each time.[/quote']

If you were allowed to fit test with a beard then they were doing it wrong.

I have had a beard my entire time as a nurse and it hasn't been a problem. I have never been fit tested, and when I have the need I can get a PAPR hood from our materials management.


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Isn't it better to be safe than sorry? There's no way to know how the people at the facility feel about beards unless you talk to someone who works there or go people watching. If this is not an option for you, I think that you should shave it off and see what happens. I understand that this might be an identity issue for you; however you stated that your career is very important to you. I guess it all comes down to what you're willing to do to secure a job. This is not say that having or not having a beard will get you hired, however I think you might sleep better at night if you know that your beard was not an issue for those doing the hiring. Trust me, depending on how soon you get a response will determine how much sleep you will get in between the wait. Don't let your beard keep you up at night with questions of "What if?" However, it's all up to you to decide what you want to do. Hopefully, you end up doing what you think is best for you, your beard, and your career :)


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I have been hired with my full face (but close trimmed) beard as a staff LPN, a charge nurse, Assistant DNS, DNS, and regional. The beard has never prevented me from getting a job, because it can be a very easy clue for good hygiene. I wouldn't shave for an interview because I truly do not believe it will prevent the acquisition of said job.


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I "get" the whole N95 situation. Outside of that it is pure BS. Sexism, whatever. I love my female coworkers, seriously, they are great. But there is an assumed, or real, aversion for men and their traits in Nursing. THIS has to stop, now!


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Sorry. As a male nursing student AND one who could grow facial hair that would put Santa Claus to shame, facial hair is disgusting no matter who it is on. Also, if you know anything about psychology, people with goatees are viewed as sinister and untrustworthy by patients....and in a hospital setting you are dealing with patients who may get delirious because of medications, or who might be going through early stage alzheimer's, etc.

There are many valid reasons outside the fact that it's just plain disgusting.


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I have been offered every position I have applied for. I've done so with an ear ring if I was wearing one, fairly long, neT beard when I was wearing one...I interview well and I am a damn good catch. Sure, we are all given to our prejudices, but a solid candidate will not be ruled out for superficial reasons...at least that is how it's gone in my experience. Me personally, I respect and trust people who don't hide who they really are.