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  1. Cook26

    Dukes Post graduate certificate in Cardiology

    I looked on that page and they also have other certificates in endocrinology, ortho, and others. Tuition is $1700/credit hour so that certificate is gonna cost you about $15,000
  2. Being a CRNA is not supposed to be a high stress situation, although it does happen. It's a very controlled environment. Also, CRNA school doesn't give you any credit really for being a FNP beyond the college of nursing classes you may not have to take. You will be enrolled for 3 years and have to do many thousands of hours of clinical, and are generally not allowed to work while doing so. If you like the ER and already have a FNP degree, why don't you just work as a NP in emergency medicine? You can get an acute care post-masters with a couple of classes and 500 clinical hours. This would allow you to work ER and take care of all patients. It is a much shorter road and seems closer to the idea of what you want to do.
  3. Cook26

    GFR 150

    Actually ~90 is considered normal function, depending on age of course. If you're around 60, you already have declining function. The GFR is a calculation based on other numbers, not something that is measured specifically.
  4. Cook26

    ACLS Certification

    According to Einthoven, the Dutch guy who invented it, it's a "K". The German translation is Elektro-kardiographie, the Greek is kardio. It was not invented here in America.
  5. Cook26

    ACLS Certification

    You know that either way is correct?
  6. Cook26

    New Grad Neuro ICU Position

    Get this: http://apps.aann.org/Store/ProductDetails.aspx?productId=1152 The most comprehensive book on neuro nursing you can get. It is written by the association for neuroscience nursing. It has more than you will ever need to know. This group are also the ones who formulate and administer the CNRN and SCRN certification tests, and the info comes from this book. I used it to study and pass for certification when I worked in the neuro ICU.
  7. Cook26

    Doctors rip VA plan that would give some nurses more authority

    The statement was made by the ASA to stifle CRNA independence. Nurses have been administering anesthesia for over 100 years. I am an anesthesia student currently. I will graduate with more than 4000 practice hours. Today I was in the OR at 5am until 4pm, had class for 4 hours and just got home to study and make plans for my cases tomorrow.
  8. Cook26

    Is this a lot of clinical hours?

    My anesthesia program has about 4000 clinical hours, so it's all relative depending on what you are talking about. You weren't specific as to what type of program.
  9. Cook26

    Private practice as a CRNA

    There are CRNA owned practices where there are no MDAs involved whatsoever.
  10. Cook26

    CRNA vs NP ???

    DNP vs MSN in anesthesia is the educational degree. It has nothing to do with obtaining your license as a CRNA. Either way, you are still a CRNA, and there is no current pay difference between the two.
  11. Cook26

    Do crnas deserve that much salary?

    If you look back further in October of 2010 there's a posted stating she's a BSN Student and 14 months later is the post you quoted where she is a CRNA trying to get an endorsement in Texas???
  12. Cook26

    Do crnas deserve that much salary?

    I have never seen any CRNA in any job "just assist and do paperwork", so I honestly can't take any of that seriously. The OP obviously has no idea what goes into the job or what the knowledge base necessary to function is.
  13. Cook26

    Do crnas deserve that much salary?

    You have a very flawed understanding of what CRNAs actually do. If that is truly the role in Houston, I am glad I am not there.
  14. Cook26

    Insight on Dilaudid?

    Glucagon will reverse the spasms if you ever need to take opioids. It is a smooth muscle relaxant. It is given very often during ercp to relax the sphincter for insertion of the scope
  15. Cook26

    Insight on Dilaudid?

    Dilaudid is probably closer to 8 times as strong, not 5. Morphine is the standard opioid against which all others are measured. An easy way to remember is make everything a factor of 10: Demerol 1/10 Morphine 1 Dilaudid 10x Fentanyl 100x There are other drugs (remifentanil, sufenta, etc) but those won't be used in the floor hospital setting.
  16. Cook26

    CRRT and mobility

    The hospital I worked at when I was a bedside nurse did walking ECMO. Didn't seem very safe to have a centrally cannulated patient up and moving around when one slip could mean exsanguination. As far as I know there haven't been any mortality issues, but it still seems crazy as hell.