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are there any other folks out there having staff come to you about what others have posted on fb? it is more so what staff are saying(some being borderline inappropriate) and what they are saying about the facility. no one has mentioned resident names or staff names.

i am not friends with the staff as i see it as their place to vent with out administration lurking. i sometimes feel it is no different then calling up a friend at the end of the night and telling her about their day. grant it though that's not posted for all to read(including the public). for the most part, i do have an awesome staff and feel that this is a great place to work for. so i am trying to figure out how to handle staff complaints of fb comments (not sure if they are just trying to cause trouble either) and still keep their private life separate.

for the most part i still love technology! :lol2:

My favorite is when people post DURING THEIR SHIFT to comment or complain about their day, using a smart phone w FB. Once in a while I can understand, we do get breaks (usually.) But often you'll have CNAs bantering back and forth with jokes or whatever, even saying things like "Meet me in 212, I gotta tell you something." "Ok, I'll be there soon." Unbelievable!

Um...heck no. No cell phones while on duty.

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Yeah...they are not supposed to have cell phones on duty at my place either- but they still try.

If someone has a complaint about someones face book and they feel it concerns your facility you can tell them to put their complaint in writing then submit it to whoever handles this type of thing and leave it in their hands. IMHO It is a legal question. Because of HIPPA reg. etc. I do not think it is an exercise in good judgment to be discussing your work place in an open forum.

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More and more facilities are implementing policies regarding social networking. Any information posted on a social website that can be linked to a resident/patient could become a HIPPA violation and not only get the poster fired, but also disciplined by the Board. Personally I think that posting during working hours is a violation of work ethic, because you are supposed to be working, unless you are on your break or at lunch. And....cell phones are usally prohibited at work, so what are they doing posting when there are so many folks who need attention? Usually the posters are the ones who are wasting time posting and complaining about how much they have to do. Keep social networking posting and work seperate for your own protection and the protection of those you care for. I know I wouldn't appreciate it if the nurse caring for my loved one spent most of the time posting on facebook instead of taking care of my mom/dad/family/loved one....

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This topic's been discussed here previously. From what I recall, the prior comments pretty much coincide with those expressed above.

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